Changing times call for smart and secure measures. As businesses going digital and more customers are using the internet to reach out and interact with these businesses, there’s a need to protect and safeguard customers’ identities. Call patching is one of the many ways a brand is making it possible. With our call patching API, we ensure that transactions are happening in a safe and secure environment.

What is call patching?

Manage voice calls effectively with our perfect call patching API. It’s a convenient easy-to-install cloud-based feature connecting callers and specific customer-care agents in real-time via Route Mobile’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. This helps the client to patch two calls hassle-free creating a better caller experience.

Here’s how it is effective for your business:

An additional layer of privacy:

Keep troublesome callers at bay. Integrate our call patch API within your answering mechanism and keep your caller identity anonymous. Selective in nature, you can filter out the users who shouldn’t be patched through.

Interact at your own pace:

Clients may not be around their phones all the time. We understand and with our flexible service, you can engage with your customers whenever you are available.

Add a personal touch:

Our call patching API leads to a direct brand association between the brand and the customer through customization, as per the business requirements.

Record and refer:

Enabled with the call recording feature, you can now record a call for training purposes and future references.

How does it work?

Our call patching API supports both an inbound call directly from customers or via MSISDN received by the IVR server. The customer calls the IVR server and presses the key to connect with the agent. The IVR server hosts the API patching the call and reroutes it to a specific agent.

From automobile, banking, hospitals, aviation to logistics and media & entertainment call patching is used by all the industries today. One of the most popular use cases is when you book a transport today, call patching helps to keep your number private and identity anonymous. Whenever a driver needs to confirm a rider’s location during a trip, both their contact information are made anonymous. This ensures no one will see each other’s personal contact information and there won’t be any unwanted contact after the completion of a trip. Thus, maintaining your security.
Likewise, the call patching feature is used by car servicing companies to connect customers with specific mechanics. On-call medical consultations would utilize this feature to securely connect doctors with patients. Airlines can connect passengers with the ground crew via call patching APIs for various updates like boarding, flight, and baggage details to name a few. Banking and financial entities may use this API to serve senior citizens and HNI customers who avoid long queues. Simply patching up two calls between customers and the relationship manager would solve the purpose.

Step up your customer service with our call patching API

Support your customers when they need it without the need to disclose personal contact details is what gives our call patching API the competitive edge. Following are the reasons why you must integrate our call patching API with your system:

Easy to integrate

This is an additional feature, easy to set-up with your existing system. It can couple with multiple channels like – click2call, IVR, outbound dialer, and 2-way messaging, giving your customers a holistic experience.

Real-time data and analysis

Analyze your calls and track performance using a set of pre-defined metrics. This offers you an overview of how your customer journey is enhanced through a simple call patching.

Fit for every pocket

Small or big- every business can make use of our affordable call patching services to grow and enhance their service.

Transcending customer experience

Our well-integrated call patching creates a win-win situation for the brand and customers by eliminating all the unnecessary callers and channeling the efforts in the right direction.

Sculpt your customer service model better, while you focus on growth and revenue generation for your business. Our call patching API is an effortless game-changer ensuring real-time 2-way connections enhancing the data privacy of your customers.

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