A vast majority of consumers are connected to the internet at any time, from anywhere, and it is primarily your mobile device that is responsible for this ubiquitous connectivity.

Since mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, organisations are constantly making fundamental changes to the user experience and preferences. What used to be a predictable conversation and behaviour has now been replaced by many instantaneous fragmented interactions.

Having said that, it is not as easy to maintain a consistent user identity on a mobile device given the list of devices we use, like computers, tabs, and laptops, as well as the elements of mobile phone ownership like the network carrier, SIM card or the device for that matter, are regularly in flux.

We all know that mobile devices are direct pathways to the type of personal information that fraudsters want to comprise. It contains a wide range of information including personal credentials, such as encryption keys or biometric data, which make smartphones a gold mine for identity thieves!


Mobile Devices – Hackers’ Favourite Platform to Target!
86% of enterprise executives say that mobile threats are growing faster than any other and 67% of enterprise execs are less confident about the security of their mobile devices compared to other IT assets.

Password Fatigue Alert!

Password Fatigue is a real thing. It refers to a certain type of exhaustion and inability to remember the detail, caused by maintaining multiple usernames and passwords, and while your brain is tired and you are snoozing, the hackers are gearing up for a phishing attack! Scary, isn’t it?

A number of customers fall victim to password fatigue, as it deliberately forces users to choose the same password for different accounts which are easy to remember, thus compromising the security of the protected information.


Global Cybercrime Damages Predicted to Reach $6 Trillion Annually By 2021

To overcome this fear, Route Mobile provides an exclusive service where users can perform their tasks with just one click and the rest of the authentication process is taken care of by the mobile carrier.

In a nutshell, a user doesn’t really have to register or log-in every time he/she wants to use a service. Since he/she has already registered with their mobile operator, logging in becomes a simple one-click process: the user selects their operator as their chosen identity provider and the login process takes place automatically.

How a Mobile Phone Can be Used as a Unique Piece of Identification:

The rise in identity fraud cases and phishing attacks in recent times have created a perfect storm and are forcing businesses to incorporate newer and safer technologies to authenticate mobile identities and eventually improve the user experience without compromising on information security. Organisations too can better manage identity and allow their users to seamlessly access various applications – hosted on cloud or in-premise to in-house, remote or mobile users. Certified Mobile Based Access Solutions limit the scope of IT network borders that could be exploited by cyber threats. Certification allows for setting-up an easy and consistent enrollment/instant form-filling process that brings various platforms and operating systems under one umbrella.

Mobile Identity helps users to overcome password fatigue and its vulnerability. Additionally, from an end-user perspective, it allows them to self-authenticate with a simple tap of a button. This new service enables real-time identification, along with, personal data verification and is secure and backed by carrier-grade telecom networks. It is a kind of a digital credential issued to a user that is securely stored on their mobile devices.

How MIDaaS will Remove the Need to Remember Passwords:

Mobile Identity is one of the critical solutions for brands to make their businesses future-proof by improving their mobile strategy. An enterprise can choose to add this as an additional authentication tool which is simple yet secured. With Mobile Identity and authentication, the fear of data breaches might be a passé.

In short, MIDaaS sets new standards for enterprises and allows them to shift to web authentication for devices rather than online services and has the potential to remove the need to remember the password.

With MIDaaS, organisations can give an additional layer of security to its customers and make them feel secure about doing business.

It also helps to have a secured and closed-loop trusted framework for safer transactions and may aid many more opportunities to unfold. It also allows enterprises to potentially increase up to 30% registrations and reuse rates, minimise transaction abandonment, deliver better and consistent user engagement across devices. Basically, a simple API integration can help reduce complexity and cost for the enterprise.

Why Us? – MIDaaS

At Route Mobile, we recognize trust and identity problems as two sides of the same coin and we offer the best answer to both problems in a single solution called MIDaaS– MOBILE IDENTITY AS A SERVICE.

It is a verification service that consists of several real-time identification and authorization services that help improve the user experience and provide a stronger authentication layer to protect online transactions for user-facing applications and websites or a mobile device.

With MIDaaS, we use mobile as a second-factor overlay for more secure access to content, location and services, and with that, we also boost the security of online transactions. Click here to know more…

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