What is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is an intellect demonstrated by machines. These are intelligent agents that exhibit human intelligence or mimics functioning of a human mind in areas of learning and problem solving.

Machine Learning is a method to achieve Artificial Intelligence. It is actually a subset of AI as there is a wide use of statistical techniques to give machines the capability to learn progressively in order to improve performance of a specific action or a task with data, without being explicitly programmed.

ML primarily uses algorithms to analyze data, study and then predicts or determines the outcome. So rather than coding routines with a definite set of commands to complete a particular task, the machine is trained for using large volumes of data and algorithms that gives it the ability to learn and perform the task.

Route Mobile’s intelligent agents can drive customer engagement to the next level. It can consume massive data, analyze rapidly and interpret it to make better predictions. In addition to that, it can effectively resolve issues related to data duplication and inaccuracy with ease. Further, it enables easy spam detection with rule based techniques and eliminates it right away.


  • Capture better insights / intelligence
    Capture better insights / intelligence
  • Enhance task quality
    Enhance task quality
  • Deliver better performance
    Deliver better performance
  • Hyper personalized and seamless experience
    Hyper personalized and seamless experience