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Engage with over 1 Bn Viber users globally using expressive messaging features.
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Viber Business Messages is a rich-media messaging platform that makes communication more conversational using images, emojis, special symbols, images, buttons, and extended statuses. It offers full-service communications with chatbot capabilities as well as a safe and secure communication experience for any business looking to communicate with clients and staff. Being a scalable and flexible solution, Viber Business Messages allow enterprises to connect with global audiences seamlessly.

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Viber api for Business Messaging

Features of Viber Business Messages

Connects with an Active & Engaged Audience
Connects with an Active & Engaged Audience
A Consumer-First Platform
A Consumer-First Platform
Premium Quality Communication Tool
Premium Quality Communication Tool
Features and benefits of Viber
Enables Branding
Enables Branding
1-to-1 Marketing
1-to-1 Marketing
Promotes Consultative Approach
Promotes Consultative Approach

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1.2 Million

Million logins and 2000 registrations happen on Viber every 60 seconds enhancing customer engagement


How viber business messaging api works

  • 1WAY
  • Important notifications
  • QR codes of e-tickets
  • Link for confirmation
  • Verification codes
How viber business messaging api works
  • 2WAY
  • Feedback request
  • online support
  • Lead generation
  • Interactive communication
How viber business messaging works
  • Step 1: Send the message to Viber end-user first, charged for delivered only
  • Step 2: Receive Delivery Report: if not delivered via Viber, send as SMS
  • Step 3: Deliver the final message status to Customer

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FAQs on viber business messaging api

Viber Business Messaging is a platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers through the Viber messaging app. It enables businesses to send messages, notifications, and updates directly to their customers’ Viber accounts.

Viber Business Messaging works by integrating a business’s existing systems or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms with the Viber API. This integration enables businesses to send personalized messages, notifications, and offers to their customers on Viber.

Businesses can send various types of messages through Viber Business Messaging, including transactional notifications, order updates, customer support messages, marketing promotions, and personalized offers.

Yes, businesses can leverage Viber Business Messaging for customer support. They can provide real-time assistance, answer customer inquiries, and address concerns directly through the Viber messaging app.

To get started with Viber Business Messaging, businesses need to apply for access to the Viber API. Once approved, they can integrate their systems, set up messaging templates, and start sending messages to their customers on Viber.

Yes, Viber Business Messaging is available for businesses worldwide. It allows businesses to connect with customers across different countries and regions where Viber is accessible.

While Viber Business Messaging itself is free to use, there may be costs involved in terms of API access, message delivery, and additional services offered by Viber or third-party providers. The specific costs may vary based on factors such as message volume, targeting, and customization.

Yes, businesses can send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously through Viber Business Messaging. This enables them to reach a wider audience and efficiently communicate important updates or promotional offers.

Yes, Viber Business Messaging supports the sending of multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio messages. This allows businesses to create engaging and interactive messages that capture the attention of their customers.

Viber Business Messaging prioritizes security and privacy. It utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect the messages exchanged between businesses and customers. This ensures that the communication remains secure and confidential.

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