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Messenger API for Instagram

Enhance your brand loyalty and give a visual experience to your customers with Route Mobile’s Messenger API for Instagram. Reach billions of Instagram users with meaningful conversations, immersive images & videos, to encourage engagement, increase customer satisfaction, drive sales.

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Features & Benefits of Instagram Business API

Enable a Visual Experience
Enable a Visual Experiencewith immersive videos and images.
Leverage CTA's
Leverage CTA’sfor swift navigation and sale closure.
Features and benefits for instagram business api
Create Engaging Carousels
Create Engaging Carouselsfor active promotion and better engagement.
Quick TAT for Query Resolution
Quick TAT for Query ResolutionTo deliver better CSATS.

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FAQs on Instagram Business

The Messenger API for Instagram allows brands to engage actively with prospects on Instagram. The intelligent API integrates seamlessly with your existing communication channels, so you can communicate with your customers across multiple channels seamlessly. With the Messenger API for Instagram, brands can manage inquiries and responses with ease, so you can turn conversations into personalized experiences.

With about 1 billion monthly active users globally, Instagram’s massive user base presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with their target prospects. Moreover, Instagram allows brands to share immersive text messages, images, carousels, videos, and much more to nudge customers towards conversion.

With Route Mobile’s Messenger API for Instagram, brands can leverage its conversational AI capabilities to address queries or frequently asked questions, and encourage personalized conversations.

  • Automate your customer support through active chatbots
  • Schedule and publish single photos or video posts to their Instagram feed
  • Get actionable insights on follower’s demographics, hashtag data, and mentions
  • Re-engage with your audience through sharing updates on new products, event invitations, & other notifications
  • Gauge the performance of specific hashtags and leverage them in your messages
  • Identify influencers and make them your unofficial brand ambassadors to boost followers
  • With the Graph API, plan your campaigns better by analyzing geographies, demography, audience type, etc.

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