Identity & Verification

Safeguard the End-User Security with our Mobile Identity Solutions

Ensure secured communication and deliver frictionless user experiences.
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Route Mobile’s Identity & Verification Solutions consist of several real-time identification & authorization services. This helps improve the user experience, protects user data and provides a secured access to content, and boosts security of online transactions.

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Trusted Communications
Trusted Communications

Personalize & enrich the end-user experience, establish brand identity and send trusted business communications

Powerful Privacy Control
Powerful Privacy Control

Safeguard customer information with end – to – end encryption, secured transmission, and privacy compliance

Easy to Implement & Integrate
Easy to Implement & Integrate

Implement smart Messaging APIs at the backend and integrate products and services on an android messaging application


Route Mobile Products Services Identity   Veriffication Solutions Truecaller
Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solution

Improve business visibility with the Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions

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Route Mobile Products Services Identity   Veriffication Solutions Brandi5

Showcase brand authenticity with enhanced layout, clear branding, and exceptional features

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Verified Messages

Send secured and trusted business communications via Verified SMS

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Route Mobile Products Services Identity   Veriffication Solutions Verified calls
Verified Calls

Build trust and improve response rate through Verified Calls

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Secured Solutions
Secured Solutions Protect & alert end-users against phishing attacks and spamming
Authentication and Identification
Authentication and Identification Improve authentication process and display verification badge post Identification
Identity Veriffication
Brand Identity
Brand Identity Send branded communications by displaying logo, name, and enhance the user experience
Low Operating Cost
Low Operating Cost Save development and operating cost at a high CTR rate

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