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Engage your target audience with innovative and integrated voice solutions.
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Enrich your customers’ journey with personalized voice applications and impeccable CX. At Route Mobile, we create on-demand customer support experiences and offer secure and reliable voice solutions with a diverse product line up, allowing enterprises to manage inbound and outbound calls.

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Feasible & Interactive Connection
Feasible & Interactive Connection

Enable instant voice connectivity with robust call control to minimize the operational costs and improve cross channel communications for the respective apps / services

Customizable Voice System
Customizable Voice System

Explore a secure and reliable end-to-end voice portal with a diverse product line up and manage inbound & outbound calls

Enhanced Customer Experience
Enhanced Customer Experience

Enable easy accessibility and service to customers with different voice solutions


Route Mobile Products Services Voice Solutions OBD Outbound Dialer
CCaaS (Contact Center-as-a-Service Solution)

A Flexible and Scalable Cloud-based Contact Center Solution for your Business

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Route Mobile Products Services Voice Solutions OBD Outbound Dialer
Voice API

Drive conversions through automated outbound calls with Outbound Dialer

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Route Mobile Products Services Voice Solutions Flash Call
Flash Call (India)

Verify customers instantly with just a flash within a matter of seconds to improve CX and overall conversions

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Route Mobile Products Services Voice Solutions Video API
Video API

The most adaptable, feature-rich, secure, and scalable set of tools assisting developers in integrating real-time video communication into processes and applications, including 1-on-1 calls, multi-party conferencing, & live streaming

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Outbound Dialer
Outbound Dialer Get in touch with a global audience and send out reminders/alerts, promotions and announcements to generate leads
IVR Solutions
IVR Solutions Provide interactive responses tailored to customer’s requirements
Voice Route
Route Mobile Communicate
Route Mobile Communicate Focus on target markets and improve customer interaction
Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns Use Voice Solutions in your marketing campaigns to send personalized messages to your target audience

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