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Learn how to create effective Chat Commerce Strategy with Viber Conversations

The pandemic made a turnover in many aspects of our lives but it has also created a huge space for more business owners to position themselves. The whole communications sector has seen a turnaround ever since. With conversational commerce growing exponentially during the pandemic, brands have realized how digital investments in chat commerce have become crucial to notify, engage, and sell to customers.

To put it simply, conversation commerce is the use of messaging platforms by brands to sell products and services and provide after-sales customer support, and it is the next step in the evolution of e-commerce. The most attractive benefit of conversational commerce is that brands and companies can provide a more personalized experience to their consumers.

During this period chat vibers have attracted some eyeballs. With critical behind-the-scenes developments, Viber has achieved a record-breaking 500 billion messages exchanged in 2021 alone and positioned itself as a leading communication app for Conversational Commerce with Business Messages. The chat app was positioned as an SMS replacement for marketing and notification-based messaging. While marketing and notification messages remain relevant for every customer journey stage, Viber has taken remarkable strides toward Chat Commerce by introducing Conversational Messaging, also known as Sessions.

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Demystifying Viber Business Conversations with Sessions

Now, every brand’s challenge is to offer the best modern channel to engage customers, replacing (partly or fully) legacy channels such as web forms and voice-based contact centers with chat. This is where conversational Viber business messages with sessions come in. it provides the brand with the inbound channel they’ve been looking for. With help of these sessions, businesses can perform several.

With sessions, brands can perform various projects and activities in order to boost and improve customer experience. These include asking questions related to a product before the purchase, seeking support when customers face issues, giving feedback, and sharing their experiences among others.There are many types of conversational commerce, but some of the most common include chatbots, voice assistants, and live chat (conversations with a real agent).

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Chatbots are automated customer support agents on messaging apps that you experience on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook market and many others. These are designed in a way that they respond to specific answers and it evolves and relies on machine learning to keep improving their style of responding as time wears on. Even though chatbots are widely used in various sectors of the market, the technology is still in its infancy and still not mastered in its complete potential. Chatbots are already being used by many industries and have proven to be a very effective way to provide excellent customer service.

Bots have become a great way for brands to provide top-notch customer service with the information they may need to know but don’t want to spend time searching for. Bots help in answering the most common questions, which helps the human employees to focus on complicated tasks at hand.

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Viber has been revolutionising the way businesses communicate with their customers. Viber chat bots allow businesses to create a network and connect with their customer base in a way that is more efficient as well as convenient, while it continues to remain cost-effective. Viber chats have helped increase sales and conversions. Due to the engaging chat interface, it gives customers the feeling that they are getting personal attention, which can encourage them to buy from you. It can provide a customer with the information they need when they need it which increases the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase since they don’t have to go through the hassle of finding all the necessary information on their own.

By being able to provide buyers with a convenient and easy-to-use chat interface, businesses can communicate with their audiences faster and more effectively while reducing the number of customer inquiries that need to be handled over the phone or via email.

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Over the years, voice assistants have been one of the major factors responsible for changes in the e-commerce industry as it makes things easier for consumers to search, get and purchase the products they require. With voice search, anyone can speak into their device to find the products they wish and can buy them instantly. This helps them save time and eliminates the need to scroll through pages of results or click through multiple links to find what you’re looking for. Moreover, these voice assistants can assist in finding the best deals on the products and also compare the prices between various other sellers. With such technology at its behest, the e-commerce industry has become quicker, simpler and more convenient at the same time.

Conversational commerce has helped businesses in many ways like better communication with customers and faster data analysis. It also collects data about customer preferences and behaviour, which can be then used to improve the products and services of the brand.

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