Online learning is one of the top trends that has picked up swiftly since 2020. With all the social distancing policy offline education was abruptly disrupted as a result of the pandemic. Offline Pen and paper lectures and seminars are replaced with online teaching and learning. Almost with everything going online, mobile learning is the fastest-growing market in the sector. There’s a significant rise in mobile devices amongst students and this also means that they are accessible on all mobile applications. The best benefits E-Learning has to offer are flexibility, independence, better time management, and improved student motivation to study.

The transition of offline to online learning has not only benefited the students but made the education organization’s administrative and managerial process more convenient and seamless by being available on the student’s preferred channel via Omnichannel Marketing Automation. They have moved from offline documentation to mobile applications and have started business communications using channels like WhatsApp Business Solutions, RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Solutions, Email marketing with SendClean, and other popular business communication channels.

The education sector must find new innovative ways to attract, engage and support the students in multiple ways.

Here’s how Omnichannel Marketing Automation can help bring education organizers and students together under one roof using messaging, voice, and email platforms.

Scale-up Admission Process-

Scale-up Admission Process

To give your prospect a rich experience, you can delight them with rich media messaging such as images, videos, and carousels. With the RCS Business messaging you can share the PDF of the education institution brochure and with the help of a carousel you can share the procedure of the onboarding process. Highlight your education institute by sharing the Google Maps location which will showcase your building infrastructure, cafeteria, sports facilities, library, and many more. All this can motivate your students to get on-boarded and deliver an omnichannel experience across the globe.

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Automated Reminders-

Automated Reminders

You can create and save custom communication templates using Enhanced Business Solutions and send the reminder for the application deadline reminders automatically. For instance, weekly timetables or exam timetables are the biggest headaches to educational institutions. They can send the weekly and exams timetables easily from WhatsApp Business Account and in case of emergency and if there’s a change, cancellation, or rescheduling then they can share it instantly on WhatsApp.

Student Support Services and Updates-

Student Support Services and Updates

Route Mobile’s Enhanced Business Messaging solution is available in multilingualism, this offers an extra level of support to students’ parents as not everyone is well equipped with the English language. By offering such support, parents can ask the chatbot for the student report cards and weekly/monthly performance of their child. For instance, if any student wants to get an update on the fee structure they can directly message on Viber Business Messages chatbot and directly start chatting with the educational institution. If any query has not been resolved then they can opt for a live agent or call the customer support service directly. This means they can offer their support services 24/7 without being physically present.

Collect Feedback and Surveys-

Collect Feedback and Surveys

Feedback is one of the easiest ways to know how satisfied your students are and what their parents think about the education sector. They can carry out a small survey asking different questions to students and parents. The shared feedback can be further utilized on how it can be fostered in further development so students can learn better. Education institutions can also know the needs of different students and can accordingly plan their teaching and learning styles.

Online learning has become an integral part of every student’s life and the trend will continue to grow in the future. The Education system is certainly benefited from online learning and when it’s integrated with Omnichannel communications it also pushes the student’s learning enthusiasm. We recently conducted a webinar on Omnichannel Marketing Automation in the education sector, you can head over to the webinar and learn some more use cases and insights about the exponential growth in online education.