About the organisation

It is an online seller offering a one-stop solution for tech accessories such as mobile covers, tablet accessories, cables, power banks, Android TVs, and CCTVs.

An easily accessible Outbound Dialer reduces the fake orders & improves CODs for a leading online eCommerce seller.

Here is an insight on how we collaborated with one of the leading one-stop solution providers for tech accessories and enabled it to #RouteItRight by enriching its order confirmation by using our product Outbound Dialer.

Challenges Faced

The client specializes in selling accessories for various brands and delivers the same from the warehouses in different cities. Many of the online orders received had a “cash on delivery” selection for payment. A lot of orders were cancelled at the last minute at the time of delivery.

Electronic store client

Scripted the success story by

Implementing an additional process of order confirmation before the order left the warehouse by deploying and Outbound Dialer

  • Product Order Confirmations were done by Route Mobile Intelli Responder and an SMS
  • Once the user places an online order, the OBD call gets generated from Route Mobile platform at a time set by the online seller to validate and authenticate the order from the purchaser
  • User is asked to confirm the order with order details like Order ID, Product name and date by pressing the correct key using DTMF input
  • Once the user confirms the order through valid DTMF input, the input gets recorded and the order is finally placed for convenient cash on delivery mode of payment
  • API based Call & Reporting to enabled for easy usage and monitoring
  • Retry Logic for unanswered calls to make the process more efficient
  • Time based configuration (8am-8pm)

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • Reduced fake orders as authentication of Mobile Numbers is done.
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) order was more accurate & hassle free.
  • Improvement in COD sales.
  • Reduced manpower to validate the order.