About the organisation

A global IT, consulting, and outsourcing company with a presence in over 170 cities across the world and a leading global provider of internet and communication technologies to enterprise clients across 38 countries.

Cost-effective, reliable A2P Messaging with seamless integration helps to build loyalty & client satisfaction by keeping the leading Global IT Consulting & Outsourcing services client informed during incidents.

Here is an insight on how we collaborated with one of the leading global IT, consulting, and outsourcing clients and enabled it to #RouteItRight by enriching its customer communications & engagement using our product A2P Messaging.

Challenges Faced

  • Client’s service teams were facing challenges in delivering timely communication within the service staff and in addressing general customer queries
  • The helpdesk queries weren’t communicated in real time as telephonic calls were the primary mode of communication
  • Proper coordination required multiple phone calls which was not ideal as recipients were not always available on call


IT consulting and outsourcing client

Scripted the success story by

Integrating Route Mobile messaging platform across the systems and deploying A2P Messaging

  • Enabling all departments to send manual or automated messages for mass notifications or incident management alerts
  • For every ticket created, an SMS notification and alert is sent to all the relevant individuals
  • Centralised Management – Centralized messaging management and administrators have access to create, control, and manage unlimited user accounts

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • Reduced costs & time associated with multiple, more expensive phone calls and time spent by support staff to provide routine information
  • Instant distribution of time-sensitive notifications to anyone, anywhere across the world
  • Increased efficiency and first response time reduction through automated notifications
  • Seamless integration into unique workflows for each department increased effectiveness
  • Higher CSAT – SMS is less intrusive than multiple phone calls that may or may not be received by the end customer which lead to higher customer satisfaction
  • Transmission of consistent, error-free notifications to all stakeholders instantly using pre-defined templates and configurable automated workflows
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty by engaging customers and keeping them informed during incidents