About the organisation

A leading web and mobile platform solutions provider that automates business processes. Their unique business mobility solutions are designed to offer a strategic advantage to businesses.

A speedy, versatile, and accessible outbound dialer helps to efficiently send custom reminders to the customers of a leading Web and Mobile Platform solution provider.

Here is an insight on how we collaborated with one of the leading Web and Mobile Platform solution provider clients and enabled it to #RouteItRight by enriching its customer communications using our intelligent & sophisticated Outbound dialer.

Challenges Faced

As a solution provider, they work with various enterprises from different sectors. To service their clients, especially in the financial sector, requires a stable solution like an outbound dialer for sending loan reminders, credit card payments etc. As these are customer data of banks, they needed an end-to-end solution that would be flexible and highly secure.

Web and mobile platforms solutions provider client

Scripted the success story by

Enabling the leading solutions provider to send custom reminders to their clients through our intelligent & sophisticated OBD

  • The information like user account id, card number, date and amount were mentioned in the call recording with the use of text to speech engines
  • Helping them reach to thousands of subscribers with automated calls & retry logic functionality to ensure campaign success
  • Providing a reporting panel using a dashboard to explore and analyze the performance of their campaign

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • High ASR by 78%
  • Minimal time to reach the audience
  • Additional customization at lower cost