• What is a Chatbot?

    A Chatbot is a software, a service, or a computer program that is driven by instructions/rules or artificial intelligence and built to interact through natural language using a chat interface.

    These programs simulate humans in a conversational environment and enable enhanced customer service by acquiring relevant information. Some chatbots use refined Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems or a simpler system to scan for relevant keywords as per inputs provided by end users and provide an appropriate reply.

    Route Mobile Chatbots are smart and intelligent virtual agents that enable an enterprise to enhance its brand experience. They can participate in the two-way conversation by relying on machine learning and deep learning to improve the customer experience.


    • Seamless integration
      Seamless integration
    • Easy to deploy
      Easy to deploy
    • Intuitive and natural conversation
      Intuitive and natural conversation
    • Optimise user experience
      Optimise user experience
    • Ensure 24/7 availability
      Ensure 24/7 availability
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