Enterprises are looking to increase digital communication activities in line with global trends while speaking to their customers on their preferred channels. Digital communication is an enabler to create digital relationships, to enable customers to talk to the brand and customer engagement is a step to get there. Viber Business Messages has all these qualities for customer engagement and it does so much more than just customer engagement.

The benefit of using Viber Business Messages is – the app’s massive global audience, the familiarity with the platform and the trust factor. According to research, the number of unique Viber ID’s leapt from 19 million to over 1 billion between the years 2011 and 2018. Out of these, 30 percent preferred to send stickers, while 50 percent focused on sending photos and videos daily, which makes it a perfect opportunity for engagement for any Enterprise. Some of the other unique marketing tools to increase brand discoverability and help in effectively running personalised, rich messaging campaigns include Viber In-App Search, Viber Scan Codes, Viber Advertising & Viber Stickers.

The security feature of the app piques the user trust and loyalty. Viber Business Messages offers end to end encryption by default to its 1 billion users. This is a serious effort to ensure security and privacy. Third party users cannot access the conversation as each and every message is encrypted. All in all, being a native brand solution with an active audience has enabled personalised brand-to-consumer connection using Viber Business Messages.

Use case with the call to action button & customised messaging

A multichannel retailer of household appliances and electronics who has 90 stores and a reported online presence was looking for a solution for cart abandonment. They combined SMS’ and emails along with Viber Business Messages to send targeted messages to avoid cart abandonment. The retailer used Viber Business Messages features to send customised messages with links to the website which lead to a targeted action. They reached customers with targeted offers to assist them in buying what they want based on the data collected on the website and send targeted offers for those particular products to initiate the purchase and prevent cart abandonment. The rich messaging with the call to action buttons and targeted links increased turnover for the online sales. The response rate for Viber Business Messages was also comparatively higher than that of SMS, which was previously used for messaging.

People are more likely to engage with a message from a contact they know and trust. The Viber branding features ensure the same as the company logo and brand name are verified. The call to action button leads people directly to your website, or assists in initiating a call right away. Enterprises can not only see if their messages are delivered but also find out who has seen it and who clicked on the call-to-action button. This gives Enterprises the most accurate insights about how your message resonates with your audience and provides insights on how to improve it.

Use Case with Push Alert

Viber Business Message notifications appear as push alerts, which blur the differences between regular SMS and messaging to the apps. These notifications attract user attention and users read them by default even if Viber is not a major chat app, but installed on the phone. For example, if an urgent alert for flight notification is not received by SMS at an international airport and this urgent notification is overlooked by the passenger on other OTT messenger apps, it will be almost impossible for the passenger to miss it on Viber Business Message with the push alert feature.

Use case with Viber Business Message chatbot, stickers and Voting

A restaurant that sells and delivers food, opted for Viber Business Messages. This enabled their customers to access the menu and order their food using the chat without opening a single web page or dialling a number. The food can be ordered using chat directly from Viber Business Messages. This restaurant also created its own branded Viber Business stickers which served as a word of mouth for the restaurant. Those who sent branded stickers automatically become members of the contact list and followers of public chats on Viber Business Messages. This means Enterprises can grow a larger audience than before and can then send new offers, premium deals and much more. By sending stickers, your audience can also automatically subscribe to your chatbots. It also gave users the option of voting in chatbots, on multiple platforms and eliminated the cost of sending an SMS for the end-users, thus encouraging users to actively participate in the voting process.

A substantial chunk of subscribers interacted with the chatbot, while few of them took the conversation to the next level on chat. Almost all of the new users were subscribed automatically to the chatbot by downloading the stickers. By chatting with users directly, answering their questions and solving their problems, Viber Business Messages chatbots provide good customer support. They can be used for sales, product recommendations, reservations and appointments, advertising campaigns and much more.

Use Case with analytics & Scheduled campaigns

A summit team wanted to help its attendees navigate through the elaborate 90 speaking events and the summit’s five stages. They need to reach the participants from 115 counties on the reliability of their mobile phone. It was a challenge to keep them updated for event info, which caused a strain on the staff who could not get further past providing just basic event info. The attendee engagement had dropped over the years.

They used Viber Business Messages and SMS to overcome both these challenges. The attendees simply opted in during registration and picked their preferred channel – Viber Business Messages or SMS to receive alerts ahead of time. In case the Viber Business Messages users were not connected to the Internet, they could receive messages on SMS on important updates, such as speaker schedule or change in agenda. This solution provider flexible communication and helped the staff easily build scheduled campaigns, send a welcome message before the event followed by providing crucial event info, announcements and endorsements from the summit partner without any prior training.

Viber Business Messages provided actionable insights and analytics to automatically segment attendee data and monitor campaign engagement in real-time. With detailed reporting, they could easily track campaign engagement, delivery rates, and even message seen statuses. The option to schedule campaigns in advance also helped with managing the teams, as well as attendee engagement.

It reduced the basic questions for events directed at staff during the event, freeing up volunteers and team members to focus on strategy and improving the event experience for everyone.

Viber Business Messages’ engagement features do so much more, they contribute to the Enterprise with outcomes, such as enhanced reach, hyper-personalized communication, improved UX, increase in sales and business growth.

Published in Telecom Economic Times: 4 creative uses of Viber Business Messages for Higher Engagement