There is a lot your website or app can do. Imagine stretching its current capabilities to make it more interactive and discover a new channel for marketing simultaneously, especially for integrated communication campaigns and direct response marketing.

Click2call service enables end users to directly reach enterprises through their website. They can connect their end users with their customer care agents directly from the website for any queries, issues or feedback.

What would you do to enable customers to reach you anytime, anywhere on your website or app?

Click2Call is a relatively new channel of marketing that goes a long way in direct response marketing with instant connectivity and helps to gather relevant leads/enquiries.

How does it work?

For instance, a customer registers himself on a property developer’s portal. After providing their phone number and query, the click to call functionality automatically initiates a call to the customers’ number and then it initiates a second call to the already configured call centre number of the estate agent. Once, the customer picks the call, the server patches that call with the customer care agent of the estate agent and both the parties start talking.

Statistics show that 88% of visitors are more likely to contact your company if you provide a “click-to-call” button on your website. The result is a quicker contact and ensures higher enquiries/leads. Click2Call solution enables the website with an engagement functionality or a call-to-action to instantly connect with the target audience using a single click as a form of direct response marketing.

The power of connecting with customers through simple click is immeasurable in a scenario where an average business owner is usually pre-occupied selling products and services online, but the customers want to access additional information before making a purchase. According to a study by Marchex, consumers will spend $1.12 trillion through click-to-call mechanisms.

What are the benefits?

Maximum Reach: The highly dynamic Click2Call button on your website can amplify the probability of visitors contacting businesses.

Real-time Traffic reports: Enterprises can get the most insightful reports, including the number of clicks, number of calls initiated, success calls, failed calls, first attempt success percent, retried calls and much more.

On the go recording and transcription: You can record all the calls for future references. It also comes with a “transcription feature” that automatically converts the audio into text.

Direct interaction with Customers: ‘One-Click-Call approach’ enables your customers to quickly get in touch with the enterprise using a link or call-to-action (C2A) button on your website, app or CRM.

Lower-cost of operations: Easy integration with the website, App or CRM, hence the operational cost is very low.

Higher conversion: It assists in connecting with the leads right away and offers detailed customer segmentation

Various call patch options: The various options for call patching service ensures the customers reach the right customer care agent for the right information. Some of the call patching options include sequential patching, parallel patching and time-based patching.

Multiple Failure Mechanism: Click2Call also has features such as multiple failure mechanism which eliminates the chance to miss out on unresponded requests. The retry mechanism is applied in case the call fails to connect with either party in the first attempt. In case the second attempt fails, then an SMS is triggered to the customer and a request is sent to the customer to give a missed call to that number. When the customer gives a missed call, the same steps are repeated and the call patching is done.

In today’s world customers needs immediate attention and it is an important parameter to increase customer loyalty and stickiness. One of the biggest advantages of Click2Call is its instant connectivity through a click. Businesses can meet their audience’s expectations by providing a quick and seamless entry point to get in touch with the call patching functionality which makes it easier for the customer to make a quick purchase decision.

Whether an enterprise wants to take customer feedback, generate leads/enquiries, segment promotions or create a new spectrum of marketing channel, they can do so with a single click.

Rajdipkumar Gupta
MD and Group CEO at Route Mobile Limited

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