Payment Terms & Refund / Cancel Policy

  • 1.1 Client shall make an Advance Payment for the Invoice raised.
  • 1.2 Provider will raise invoice and send same to client via an email.
  • 1.3 All sums paid by the Client under this Agreement shall be paid by wire transfer/ Credit Card payment, CashU, Money bookers, PayPal to an account designated by the Provider, and the Client shall bear all charges and fees relating to such transfers (including, without limitation, those levied by the paying and payee bank or other financial institution).
  • 1.4 All payments will be received only in Euro any loss on conversions from other currencies incurred will be deducted from the total payment received.
  • 1.5 Provider records, as made available to Client, shall be conclusive as to the Transactions relevant to the calculation of Charges.
  • 1.6 Where SMS-related Services are specified in an agreement a SMS shall be a message of the standard 160 maximum character length for Unicode it will be 70 Character to clear any doubt both party will follow GSM standard for messaging count ..
  • 1.7 All amounts payable under Agreement are stated exclusive of any tax relating to the sale or supply of Services, including, without limitation, value added tax and sales taxes, and any withholding tax. The Client will pay all such tax at the rate and in the manner required by law…

2 Charging Events.
  • 2.1 Client will be charged per Successful Submit to Providers Platform..
  • 2.2 All Charges under this agreement shall be paid by the Client, in EURO..
  • 2.3 Price is charged as per rate shown in web client the base rate is agreed by the client at the time of creation of account..
  • 2.4 Price is subjected to change as per changes suggested by SMSC/ Operator..
  • 2.5 Price change notification will be sent to Client via email..
  • 2.6 Price change will be applicable with immediate effect after client is informed via an email…
  • 2.7 Client will keep track of all price changes communicated via an email..

3. Refund / Cancel Policy.

Refunds will be Provider upon termination of contact. All prepaid messages have been bought and are refundable, except in the case of termination due to Providers uncured breach or bankruptcy/insolvency.