There are times when you do not want to share your contact number with maybe a cab driver or an online retail website or a consumer outlet. One common way people keep their personal number private is by keeping two different contact numbers with different SIMs, which is not very convenient. And so, a Mumbai-based Cloud Communications Service Provider — Route Mobile — has found a solution to this problem in the form of an Instant Virtual Number (IVN), which does not require a separate device or a sim.

What is Instant Virtual Number?

An instant virtual number is a temporary number that you can use when you don’t want to give out your personal number. This number will look like a regular contact number and a user can get it on the basis of monthly fee subscription from Route Mobile. Users will be able to set time as to when they want to use the IVN and when they want to use their own personal number.

Users will be able to differentiate between the two numbers and can even switch between the two whenever required. You will need to add a prefix to the number given by the operator that will help you distinguish between the two numbers.

Why will I need an Instant Virtual Number?

This virtual number can help you control as to who can have your personal number and who cannot. For example, if you have put up an advertisement and given your IVN as the contact number, you will be able to distinguish when someone calls on that number and when someone calls on your personal number. People can also use this number to keep their personal and professional life away from each other.

How does it work?

Rajdip Gupta, Managing director and CEO of Route Mobile told us, “The first thing to note is that IVN is not directly related to cloud computing. The second point is that every operator has their Business Subsystem (BSS)- wherein an individual’s existing number is already stored and other operations like CRM, an individual’s billing model, revenue management, and so on take place. When an individual subscribes for an IVN this new number immediately gets stored to the operator’s Business Subsystem along with their already existing primary number. Route Mobile has created this Application Programming Interface (API) that generates this IVN, which is deployed to the operator’s network.”

How can you get your own Instant Virtual Number?

Step 1: Dial the USSD number (provided by your operator)from your smartphone
Step 2: All the terms and conditions will appear on your device’s screen, read it thoroughly
Step 3: Tap on Accept and you will receive a temporary contact number via SMS
Step 4: You can use this number on WhatsApp, Paytm and so on. If you change the device or discontinue your primary number, you will lose your IVN also.

Now you can make calls or text others via your instant virtual number anytime you want. You can also easily switch back to your primary number whenever required.

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