Route Mobile Limited as announced that Idea Cellular has extended its partnership with Route Mobile Limited for a further two years. Route Mobile had deployed a multi-layered A2P Messaging HUB, its gateway connectivity and firewall managed service solution for the Idea Cellular side of the merged network entity a year ago.

Rajdipkumar Gupta, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Route Mobile Limited, says, “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Idea Cellular. This is an absolute reaffirmation of how our customer’s requirements are at the heart of our offerings and I am delighted that we have been able to successfully address, improve and monetize the A2P SMS sector for the Idea Cellular infrastructure. This is a testament of the premium customer experience we deliver for our clients in India and the world over through tailor-made analytics and cloud communication solutions.”

With its multi-layered SMS Firewall, Analytics and Monetisation solution, Route Mobile has provided a secure SMS channel to the Idea Cellular part of the merged network to protect revenue leakage, open-up new and secure revenue channels.The messaging hub and firewall solution ensures that the brand’s International A2P SMS traffic enters Idea Cellular’s (India) network via authorized A2P SMS gateways. The international traffic includes messages originating from internationally sourced routes that terminate domestically and is filtered as per mutually identified and agreed security terms with Idea Cellular.

Published in VARINDIA: Idea Cellular broadens its partnership with Route Mobile Limited