Mumbai, India, October 18th 2016

Route Mobile Limited, a global leading messaging and voice API company, today announced a new international company structure. Effective immediately, the new structure is aimed at driving growth and profitability across the organisation while better aligning the company’s international strategy and operations.

“Today’s announcement highlights our ambitious agenda for the years to come. We are growing at a rapid pace and streamlining our international company structure was a natural progression; we have the rare opportunity to make a second first impression in some markets, ensuring we offer first-class customer service and quality products. At the same time we want to further strengthen our local operations through effective leadership,“ said Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO & Co-Founder of Route Mobile Limited.

Be local, serve local

Route Mobile’s move towards a more regional structure follows some of the company’s recent international expansions. It will facilitate a more tailored approach to create better synergies with customers, leveraging local market knowledge and the benefit of being able to keep up with local trends through consistent monitoring and quick analyses.

Effective immediately, the company will be structured according to the following regions:

Route Mobile Limited Group CEO Mr Rajdip Gupta
India CEO – India Mr Tushar Agnihotri
Asia-Pacific (APAC) CEO – APAC Mr Derek Tan
Middle East and Africa CEO – Middle East & Africa Mr Sharad Kumar Thukral
Europe CEO – Europe Mr Jeroen Weijenberg (Jerry)

Responsible for overall development and growth of their respective region, each regional CEO will report into Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO.

He commented: “This new international company structure will allow us to move quicker and become more agile. By appointing inspirational and experienced global leaders we are laying the foundation for Route Mobile to flourish as a leader in messaging & voice API solutions.”Further details about the new regional structures will be released in due course.

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