Mumbai, India, 11th July 2016

Route Mobile Limited, a leading messaging and voice API company, today announced that it was ranked No 6 among 32 messaging providers globally in the independently conducted A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2016 by ROCCO, one of telecom industry’s leading consultants and research companies.

260 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) covering 188 countries were surveyed for this report. They rated A2P Messaging Services providers on more than 35 aspects under Performance and Leadership KPIs.

Route Mobile came out on top on some very important criteria; some technical and tangible ones and other intangible ones. With more than 118 direct connects with MNOs, Route Mobile got high scores on Direct Connections. It also ranked well on aspects like Uptime Performance, Route Monitoring & Management, Tech Support, Monetization of A2P Traffic, Industry Expertise, Global Presence, Security, Easy Connectivity, Meeting Deadlines and Value for Money.

Apart from the above, it was lauded for attributes such as (being) Inspiring, Innovative, Reputation, Customer Orientation, Flexibility, Easy to Work With and Transparency. Says Rajdip Gupta, CEO, Route Mobile Limited, “We are deeply grateful for the feedback from all telcos and respect the trust that they have placed in us. We will strive to keep innovating to help redefine what MNOs can expect from an A2P messaging service provider.

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