Mumbai, India, February 16th 2017

Route Mobile Limited, one of the world’s leading messaging and voice API companies, today announced that it has launched SMSC-as-a-Service in partnership with Aircel, one of India’s leading innovative mobile service providers. The partnership with Aircel will enable Route Mobile to offer its clients an unparalleled service providing zero-hop, or direct connectivity, to enterprises.

Route Mobile’s SMSC will be hosted at Aircel’s Data Centre in Mumbai.

Disrupting the market, shifting the values

“Launching SMSC-as-a-Service is a significant milestone for Route Mobile in India,” says Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO & Founder of Route Mobile Limited. “As the Indian market size moves from 10 billion to 15 billion messages a month, we must not only continue to offer the best technology and service but also drive a value shift. The launch of Route Mobile’s SMSC-as-a-Service completely disrupts the value proposition to enterprises.”

Traditionally, messages sent by enterprises (commonly known as Application-2-Person or A2P messages) are channeled through at least one aggregator or enterprise (service provider). This entity then routes the message through an operator or operator-grade SMSC to its destination, the customer. Routing of messages through multiple connections, or hops, has in the past often led to numerous issues, especially delayed delivery and poor visibility into delivery failure.

By introducing SMSC-as-a-Service, Route Mobile is offering enterprises an unparalleled solution by providing clear visibility into message delivery failure on top of accurate SLAs, faster delivery of messages and improved latency.

Adding this service will double Route Mobile’s message carrying capacity in India. The partnership will also generate a significant growth in revenue for Aircel without any direct capital or operational investments on its part – a win-win for both companies.

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