To our Customers, Partners, and all relevant Stakeholders:

Over the last few days, several posts and claims about a data breach that has compromised Route Mobile servers have been making the rounds online. Our internal Security Teams have been aware of this and immediately began an investigation. Our immediate findings revealed these claims to be unsubstantiated. However, to further verify and reinforce our efforts and findings, we are engaged and working with multiple Cyber Security and Dark Web experts and have run a comprehensive audit to come to a conclusion.

Our servers are secure, and there is no compromise on any of our live systems. The data circulated is not from any of our current systems or archives. As stewards of our customers’ data, we maintain a robust and secure environment with several protective measures in place.

A Perimeter Firewall protects our servers with an Intrusion Detection System that allows us to flag any suspicious behavior before it transforms into an attack.

Furthermore, aside from our 24*7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Technical Support Teams that monitor all aspects of our infrastructure and platform, we work with a Gartner Magic Quadrant global “Leader” in the field of threat intelligence and endpoint protection platforms to ensure that no aspect of our infrastructure, platform or hardware is vulnerable.

For our customers’ accounts, all our connectivity options are encrypted using industry-standard protocols, IPsec VPNs, two-factor authentication, and IP whitelisting options. Routine third party audits, regular VAPT scans, and Access Policies are strictly enforced. Bottom line, we employ all required technical and organizational controls to ensure the integrity of the data we process, and we retain secured data only for as long as it is required for business and regulatory purposes.

We will continue to monitor our systems actively and keep enhancing our security measures as we always have, and we are working with the relevant authorities to seek appropriate legal recourse. We shall always be vigilant and ensure that the trust we have built up over the last 17 years remains intact.

We thank you for your cooperation and please reach out to us for any further clarification at

Data Protection Officer