RCS Business Messaging Hub

RCS Business Messaging Hub

A One-Stop Solution for Sending and Receiving RCS Business Messaging Traffic from and to Mobile Users

Route Mobile RCS Business Messaging Hub: Global APIs for seamless RBM deployment.

Why Choose Route Mobile’s Emerging RBM Hub?

Global Presence

We offer a global network that opens doors to new markets

Engaging Content

Deliver rich media content that captivates your audience

Simple Onboarding

Our user-friendly platform saves you time and effort

Secure Verification

Protect your communications and build trust with your audience

Ready to transform your customer engagement?

Route Mobile’s Emerging RBM Hub empowers

Connect with a broader customer-base through Engaging
Rich Media Mobile Messaging Solutions

It’s easy to create engaging campaigns with
  • Customer Engaging Rich Media
  • A Wider Reach, A Stronger Connection
  • Simplified Onboarding and Verification

Features & Advantages of Route Mobile’s RCS Business Messaging hub:

  • Global operator connectivity via Google’s MaaP
  • One agreement serves all operators
  • Custom usage analytics and revenue reports
  • User-friendly tools for cross-carrier traffic
  • Managed onboarding and verification
  • Flexible billing and finances
  • Comprehensive account support and partnerships

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