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Boost enrolments by providing a seamless student experience

The student experience has been changing, and universities must always provide the correct information to students, whether it is through the admissions process or post-admission into the college. To provide a holistic college experience for the students, it is crucial that they are provided with all the relevant information – not just offline but also digitally.

According to McKinsey, Europe needs to catch up with other major regions on critical technologies, it will be vulnerable across all sectors on growth, competitiveness, and strategic strength, hindering long-term resilience. In this webinar, we deal with the problems faced by education institutes in enrolling students and bridging gaps in student journey mapping to deliver a smooth student experience.

Key discussion points-

  • What will the student experience look like in 2022-23?
  • Challenges faced by the European Education Institutes/Colleges.
  • Hybrid Learning and focus-building skills.
  • Why do universities need to engage & provide a superior student experience?
  • Technological leap: What role does it play in the education dynamic?



  • Sridhar Sampat
    Vice President – Partnerships & Business Development, Head of Africa for LeadSquared
  • Milind Pathak
    Group Chief Business Officer – Route Mobile Limited



  • December 7th 2022
  • Time: 3.30 PM CET | 4.30 PM SAST | 6.30 PM GST


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