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Driving Superlative CX with Omnichannel Commerce : An E-commerce Perspective

E-commerce as an industry has taken the entire world by storm, considering how practically everybody makes purchases online these days. Gone are the days of traditional mom and pop retail stores, as e-commerce is here to stay for good! But did you know that an omnichannel solution is much better than traditional e-commerce based solutions?

Route Mobile in association with IAMAI is hosting yet another exclusive session to drive superlative CX with omnichannel commerce. Join us to learn just how you can improve the overall functionality of an e-commerce based website.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Transitioning from Legacy to Omni-*Channel Experience for D2C and eCommerce
  • Future trends and technologies
  • Optimizing customer experience across the buyers’ journey and various touchpoints
  • Leveraging personalization and automation
  • Using Communication Platform as a service for better engagement and retention
  • Use cases


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