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Transforming CX with Rich Media Using RCS Business Messaging

With an estimated 5.1bn mobile phone users globally, it’s safe to say that we have accepted digital living, and are now seemingly used to the perks of digitization on communication channels.

Operators, as well as enterprises, are capitalizing on this surge in demand by leveraging Rich Communication Services (RCS) to connect and deliver superlative CX to their customers.

RCS with its unique features also combines the perks of popular messaging apps and the capability to match the reach of a typical SMS, making it a go-to solution for brands and campaign managers alike.

RCS adds contextual flavors to your everyday conversations and actionable insights help businesses to understand customer needs and expectations creating seamless experiences.

Watch this FREE WEBINAR on RCS Business Messaging, and understand from industry veterans how this next-gen messaging solution can fuel your e-commerce growth and catapult your CX Transformation.

Learning Outcomes –

  • How a great CX strategy is a driver in these times
  • RCS Business Messaging: Texting Redefined
  • Consumer behaviour for RBM and brand acceptance in India
  • Conversational Commerce defined over RBM
  • Core API Features
  • Customer Data Platform – Need of the Hour
  • Marketing automation, and how it adds value to CX
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