Key Highlights


Benefits of Branded Calls & Branded Messages:

  • Drives in better metrics
  • Saves Cost
  • Increases ROI
  • Effectiveness across segment including emerging startups and SMEs
  • Leads to easy onboarding:

Customers are becoming increasingly wary of spam messages and phishing attempts infiltrating into their day-to-day communications. Daily traffic of billions of messages makes it necessary for businesses to shine in the messaging inbox and during their calls by providing customers with greater confidence.

Branded Calls and Branded Messages – is an enhanced business communication platform enriched with features that engage customers over SMS and calls. It transforms SMS and Dialer into a communication channel that delivers greater brand authenticity and higher customer engagement. In other words, it’s a perfect win-win platform for brands and customers both!

Security and assurance are inherently interwoven in this new engagement. If a brand interacts in a secured way, it automatically imparts a sense of assurance about a verified brand/enterprise. Additionally, Branded Calls and Messaging adds more visibility, creates loyalty and helps all businesses prevent fraud and lets them connect with millions of customers in real-time.

Branded Call:

It is designed for brands to provide users with a richer and smarter experience giving life and colours to the user’s call log. Enterprises can use Branded Calls to showcase their logo and brand name, establish their presence in the user’s daily life.

Branded Messages:

It transforms the basic SMS conversation into an engaging business interaction. This interaction is enriched through an enhanced layout, branding, and interactive smart buttons in the user’s messaging inbox. Brand name, logo, and action buttons help the brands achieve deeper engagement, increase conversion, and better response rates.With this brands can cross-sell or upsell as part of messaging strategy and can display its name and logo for every message it sends and add horizontal action menu buttons to increase conversion and response rates It also supports android native actions.

6 Reasons for enterprises/brands & startup to adopt branded calls and messaging :

Drives in better metrics:

Branded Calls and Messaging provides actionable insights such as aggregated delivery statistics, read statistics, call statistics including timestamps, and trackable clicks with Google Advertising ID (GAID).

Saves cost:

Branded Calls and Messaging comes at a significantly lesser cost and can help transform the SMS and Dialer into a better communication tool for all types of enterprises and users. The solution’s feature set and brand visibility offer no development and operating cost.

Increases ROI :

This solution can be a game-changer as it has the potential to raise phone pickup rates to 70% and SMS read rates to 95%. With its exclusive features, it can lead to more sales, repeat business, and build customer trust.

Access to a large user base:

In India, Branded Calls and Messaging works in both, smartphone and feature phones that expose a larger audience base. Special apps aren’t required to be downloaded for the visibility of its exclusive features. Because it is a built-in service with no additional involvement or resources required, a small business can also enjoy the benefits of this solution as much as a large business can!

Elevated customer engagement:

Branded calls and Messaging unlocks the potentials of the unbranded channels which allows customers to engage with the brand with trust. It also provides transparency with enhanced branding features like logo, interactive smart buttons etc which lets the customer decide to interact with the SMS or answer the call. It helps the brand to expose the Corporate Identity System to update the corporate information to the users. This helps to improve trust & thereby the engagement rate significantly. The brand can get better read-receipts & engagement from SMS and it also helps to overcome the challenge of unanswered calls. Brands can run campaigns like feedback, contests, customer satisfaction surveys etc with a better response rate. This further helps to achieve tangible results and better customer satisfaction. It can also help to augment the brand & customer relationship in the longer run.

Easy onboarding:

Users don’t need to create an account, instead, they only have to provide their basic details in an onboarding form. This makes the onboarding process much easier than other services. As it is a built-in service, it can be easily integrated with traditional channels like SMS, Outbound & Inbound Calls The solution is made available via an Omnichannel solution where the usage is easy. With its exclusive features, this solution can be used for cross leveraging existing campaigns running on different channels of communication. Since the onboarding process is simple and could be done from the OEM’s end, there is absolutely no precondition required from the user.

The action buttons can be activated by the brands and the senders as per their requirements.

In a nutshell, this new age of smarter and enhanced business communication platform empowers brands. It gives brands the dual strength to communicate with both SMS and calls using enhanced branding options and better customer experience. It helps the brands to take complete control over how their brand is presented, at the same time reassures the consumer that the call or message has not been spoofed. Delivering a branded experience supports the age of digital initiatives that brands look for. It enables them with deeper customer relationships, enhances brand loyalty and reinforces trust. This customer interaction comes at no development and operating cost thereby delivering a better ROI.