WhatsApp Business Templates are pre-approved message formats businesses can send non-promotional, customer service, or transactional messages to their users. These templates are designed to provide a consistent and reliable user experience while maintaining user privacy and preventing spam.

Introducing new marketing templates within the platform signifies a significant leap forward, providing businesses with innovative ways to engage and transact with their audience.

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Let’s get a better understanding of the new updates on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business payments feature

1.Payments with UPI or Cards:

With the ability to accept payments through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) or cards directly within the chat, businesses can streamline the purchasing process. This feature impacts industries such as E-commerce, FMCG, BFSI, where customers can seamlessly make payments for their orders without leaving the messaging platform.

Example: E-commerce platforms can leverage this template to facilitate secure and efficient transactions, allowing customers to complete their purchases without switching between different apps or websites.

2. In-country Data Localization:

In response to growing concerns about data security and privacy, WhatsApp Business has introduced the concept of in-country data localization. This means user data is stored within the country, complying with local regulations and enhancing data protection measures. Industries dealing with sensitive information, such as Healthcare and Finance, can benefit significantly from this feature.

Example: Healthcare providers using WhatsApp Business can assure patients that their medical information is stored locally, aligning with privacy regulations and fostering user trust.

3. Web Views for a Faster Chat Experience:

Incorporating web views within the WhatsApp Business platform allows customers to visit URLs directly within the chat window, which is possible post whitelisting by Meta apart from flows, which includes address-based form-filling or ticket booking activities.

Example: A public transport like the metro can ensure seamless ticket booking for customers within the WhatsApp chat.

Check out the Delhi Metro Ticket Booking case study video to better understand the application of the Web Views feature on WhatsApp.

4. Catalog Template:

4. Catalog Template:

The Catalog Template is a game-changer for businesses looking to showcase their products or services in a structured and visually appealing format. Industries such as Retail and E-commerce can create comprehensive catalogs within WhatsApp Business, providing customers with detailed information about their offerings.

Example: A fashion retailer can use the Catalog Template to showcase the latest collection, complete with images, descriptions, and pricing information, allowing customers to browse and make purchase decisions directly within the chat.

Coupon Code Template

6. Coupon Code Template:

Coupons and discounts are proven strategies for attracting and retaining customers. The Coupon Code Template enables businesses to send personalized discount codes directly through WhatsApp Business, fostering customer loyalty and driving sales.

Example: A restaurant can send exclusive coupon codes to customers, encouraging them to order through WhatsApp and enjoy special discounts on their favorite meals.

7. Address Collection Feature:

For businesses that require customer addresses for shipping, delivery, or service provision, the Address Collection Feature simplifies the process. Logistics and E-commerce industries, in particular, can benefit from this feature to streamline order fulfillment.

Example: An online retailer can use the Address Collection Feature to efficiently gather shipping information from customers, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of their orders.

Integrating New WhatsApp Business Platform Features with Route Mobile

The new WhatsApp Business Marketing features represent a significant advancement in how businesses communicate and transact with their audience. From facilitating secure payments and ensuring data localization to providing interactive and visually appealing content through catalog and carousel templates, these features open up a world of possibilities for businesses across various industries.

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