The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has provided a sudden glimpse into a future world, where digital platforms and communication channels have become central to each interaction, forcing both enterprises and customers further up the adoption curve almost overnight.

The only thing that was found constant was the need to get in touch with the customers, seamlessly.

That’s when the entire market understood the need to adapt to the digital revolution. Today, consumer habits and behaviours are constantly changing, and it is critical to evolve with this changing market.

We all are aware of the fact that a CRM Platform enables enterprises to target different audiences, set alerts based on an individual lead and/or customer’s activities and messaging platforms help enterprises proactively work with the leads and maintain relationships.

Integrating text messaging along with your CRM helps you to initiate conversations and generate more valuable leads at the same time. It is the perfect way to connect with your target audience and share all the updates with them seamlessly.

By integrating the messaging efforts with the CRM, enterprises get the liberty to tap a niche market and target the correct audience, easily.

Here’s how enterprises can generate conversations with CRM-driven messaging:

Connect with multiple leads-

CRM-driven messaging allows enterprises to send group messages which help businesses build relationships that drive scalable results. This purpose-built service enables enterprises to reach the right prospects during the complex purchasing process. At the same time, it empowers enterprises to connect with multiple leads strategically, through well-targeted exposure.

It also enables businesses to send mass text messages to a specific audience, locally or globally.

Get in touch with your target audience, initiate conversations and generate valuable leads in one go!

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Automate tedious tasks seamlessly-

As new-age customers prefer instant replies to enquiries, it is crucial to acknowledge them on time via SMS rather than emails.

Integrating text messaging, along with the CRM helps organizations to automate tedious tasks like taking the feedback, replying to the queries, sending reminders, and other notifications. Here, all you have to do is, share a message to one customer or a target group to share updates at the same time without any further delay. This way, enterprises get to provide a personalized customer experience seamlessly.

For instance, with SMS CRM integration a customer service agent easily gets to send text messages, survey requests and other updates to the customer once the ticket is closed.

Share valuable insights

It is important to provide an exclusive customer experience to each individual and sharing valuable and relevant insights with your customers is a must!

The perfect amalgamation of CRM and text messages equip brands to provide unparalleled customer services by sharing the updates of a particular product or services to a specific individual. For example, With an SMS CRM, salespeople get the opportunity to quickly identify and reach out to customers who need to be re-engaged— and share relevant updates, all within a single platform.

Communicating the updates and keeping the customers in the loop throughout the support cycle plays an important role when it comes to providing a superior customer experience.

Route Mobile’s Route SMS allows CRM users to send personalized communications to the customers via text messages and helps them to build lasting relationships. Contact us to know more.