Key Highlights

  • What lacked in normal SMS and calls
  • How Mobile identity extends the functionality of regular calls and SMS?
  • Branding Features of Mobile Identity
  • Why should it be a part of an integrated mobile marketing strategy?
  • Mobile Identity features that go beyond branding

Although SMS began 27 years ago and cellular calls about 45 years ago, both lack branding features that give an identity to a brand.

SMS is the most reliable source of communications even today. SMS displays only plain text & so does the call logs. A brand can get lost in a never-ending list of calls and messages. How do you ensure your brand stands out?

Mobile identity is the solution as it overcomes all these limitations. It adds branding features to regular calls & SMS by displaying relevant caller/sender info, such as brand name, URL and logo of the brand.
Although only transactional SMS can be sent via mobile identity, it is an add on to traditional transactional SMS as it transforms the native SMS and dialer communication apps into better communication tools at the corporate and end-user levels. It is an in-built service with no additional involvement or resources required.

How does Mobile Identity Solution work

  • Brands send the mobile number and SMS content to the CPaaS provider
  • The CPaaS solution provider filters the content and provides the content to end-user
  • The end-user receives the SMS in the native SMS app similar to the traditional one
  • The brand gets the delivery status in time
  • The CPaaS solution provider passes the status to the brand
  • The end-user reads or replies to the SMS

Mobile Identity Solution: Features & Benefits

Caller Brand Promotion

When a customer receives a call from the brand,the mobile handsets of the users will display all the relevant caller information in one place. It promotes the CIS (Customer Information System) during outbound and inbound calls and identifies the logo, brand name, caller description, thus allowing the users to relate the brand with the number as they are searchable and memorizable, enhance brand exposure and create better mobile awareness than regular calls. Corporates can experience about 30% higher phone pick-up rate and ensure that any accidental harassment is avoided utilizing call filtering feature which displays information of identified and unidentified numbers and brings simple and clean calling experience with tons of other utility features.

Caller Portal:

It works as a built-in portal for corporates that has an address, social media handles, website, etc. The user experience is similar to traditional calls except that it engages the caller and builds trust. Enterprises can enhance brand recall by showing information that gives an identity to their brand via an e-Business card while calling via a single click. It highlights unknown numbers and numbers with no information and identity.

SMS Branding

It promotes the CIS when the end-user receives an SMS from the brand. The logo and the brand name are displayed which increases the message open rate and offers a better user engagement than existing SMS. Every SMS format is viewed before sending while providing authentication and identification and only transactional messages are allowed in the smart messaging feature.

Service Portal:

Messages are transformed into a service portal for the brand. The brands can promote their highlighted product/services to users, download, open app, open link, make a call, and perform all android call to action buttons.

Enterprises can bring out the identity of their brands with branded calls and SMS with built-in branding features along with low development & operating cost

Mobile identity can take the SMS experience of a mobile user to a whole new level by offering enhanced user experience and brand authenticity to a consumer and providing brand recall, brand loyalty, better tools to manage communication and transactions from users to a brand.

Brands who are early adopters can definitely benefit from this solution to garner brand awareness, brand loyalty and get recognition as first movers.