Route Mobile’s Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) as a Solution

As the festive sales, Black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday sales are on the way, and now it’s that time of the year where you have to strategize SMS marketing strategy. As per the recent study, 20% more texts were sent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020 than were sent in the entire month of November 2019. With the growing popularity of SMS, it is one of the most effective customer communication channels.

While sending every SMS, it is first shared to an entity called Short Message Service Center (SMSC) and then afterward it’s shared with the recipient instead of transmitting directly to the destination. If in case, end user’s phone is switched off or unavailable the message is saved in the SMSC, and the SMS is sent when the receiver is available. SMSC essentially acts as a mediator between two endpoints on a network and is responsible for handling the SMS operations of a wireless network.

When you send an SMS message on phone, it’s necessary to know the address of the SMSC wireless network, and the SMSC address is pre-set in the SIM card by the wireless network operator.

Here are some advantages of SMSC as a Solution-

  • Flexible setup of message handling and delivery scenarios
  • Get customizable CDR generation
  • Customer security through customizable spam rules
  • The system can push the delivery receipts to the External Short Messaging Entity (ESME) over the connectivity provided to them
  • A scalable network helps to counter-message traffics upswings
  • A dashboard that facilities extensive analytical reports

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Key benefits of SMSC as a Solution to aggregators and operators-

The messages which are shared by businesses are channeled through at least one aggregator or operator. Route Mobile is offering clear visibility into the message delivery failure on top accurate SLAs, faster delivery of messages, and also improved latency.

Key Benefits of SMSC as a Solution

High-performance SMSC as a Solution-

When aggregators and operators use the latest technologies in clustering and load balancing, Route Mobile’s SMSC as a Solution works like a charm and gets you out of the volume crunch, and saves a lot of money. SMSC as a Solution supports store-and-forward, transaction, and datagram mode of service for delivering the message. It also supports the SMPP interface for the content providers. Facilitates SS7 and SIGTRAN interface for Network Integration. The SMS as a Solution also provides diversified revenue-generating services like point-to-point short message service, point-to-multi-point short message service, inserting text advertisement messages in short messages based on from address.

Stable & Efficient Delivery Mechanism-

SMSC as a Solution is a basic software package that runs on the platform and provides for the basic functions of short message services. It provides full storage capabilities for undelivered short messages (SMs), the first delivery attempt (FDA) feature, and retry mechanisms for delivering undelivered SMs. All external interfaces support industry-standard protocols for ease of integration with multi-vendor equipment and reduce the incidence of undelivered messages.

Extensive Report and Analytics-

SMSC as a Solution provides MIS reports which allow the Operator to view the subscribers who are provisioned in the database for SMS service. Basic statistical data is available as standard. As an optional feature, Rich MIS statistical reports are available for Operators. SMSC as a Solution also offers a feature to directly generate reports in excel format as well.

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