While the world is still recovering from a challenging 2020, it also acquainted us with opportunities, if otherwise would have been either ignored or tabled for the future. Our reliance on everything digital truly went into overdrive, and enterprises too were quick to jump on the digital train, to sustain and maintain their connectivity with their target audience.

However, it was the human element, which enterprises found it hard to replicate, one which their consumers could connect and relate to, assurance and experience which made typical transactions more human. And as more and more consumers are switching to digital mediums to communicate and connect with brands, it also raises the bar for brands to provide a richer and more unified CX across the board.

As Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Hence, when customers feel valued in your company, the relationship will take your business to the next level. To create a lasting experience for your customers, businesses and enterprises need to attain a certain degree of digital and customer experience maturity.

Over 80% of companies that put customer experience as their top priority reported higher revenue growth. So, how can brands ensure extraordinary customer experience? Here are 5 key trends that are here to stay:

Key Trends in 2021 to better CX Management

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Route Mobile enables businesses’ to stay on top of their communication game, by offering innovative solutions that suit their communication needs. Our reliable and trusted APIs ensure brand credibility and authenticity. Here’s an overview of our solutions:

Conversational AI and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial for the success of any digitized CX strategy. Studies show that more than 53% of organizations are implementing AI-driven solutions across outlets, branches, or customer service centers, and 45% of brands are improving their customer service by deploying AI at contact centers in the form of interactive chatbots to resolve customer queries and boost 24/7 engagement. Although this tech is still evolving and just about reaching its full potential, the application of AI, machine learning, and IoT (internet of things) in their current capacity is helping businesses to improve their CX drastically.

Omni-channel Delivery

According to a recent survey, 72% of consumers are likely to pick a brand that provides the ability to return/purchase seamlessly across channels. More so now, customers look for a coherent experience. For instance, if they are researching your product or service on their smartphone or laptop, they want to move from where they have left off without switching too much between devices or platforms. Thus, brands are constantly designing a frictionless customer journey to avoid losing out on any valuable business.

Humane Designs and Emotive Technology

User Experience (UX) is an integral part of CX to drive engagement and business-customer interactions. Going beyond transactions, a lasting relationship with your customers serving their emotions right would make you the leader of the game. Brands and enterprises can define a simplified and well-researched UX design process, bringing together business needs and consumer likes and dislikes. This will drive consumer decisions because if they like what they see, there’s a greater likelihood of them taking an action.

Data and Insights for Smart Solutions

Businesses are increasingly relying on customer insights and data to build their strategy. The growth of numerous channels and IoT has brought in copious amounts of data to understand every aspect of consumer behavior, pushing enterprises to build smarter solutions to address consumer needs. Data-driven solutions are straightforward and give you a comprehensive view of your customers’ behavior. They help businesses stay relevant with time.

Personalized Communication

With insights and consumer behavior data helping enterprises deliver the right content over the channel at the right moment, it makes customer interactions stronger. Communication becomes agile and brands achieve better visibility driving personalized messaging at a larger scale.
CPaaS Accelerates Innovation in CX
Creating seamless experiences for customers is a complex task and communication plays a vital role in its fruition. With companies infusing their talent and resources into providing the best CX for their customers, having a robust enablement platform makes the process seamless and easy to implement and execute. CPaaS enabled solutions with its on-the-go options can not only help brands achieve the objective of allowing better CX across channels for their customers but ensure uniformity in experience through agile APIs that ensure easy connectivity with new-age and relevant social mobile applications.

CPaaS driven solutions help businesses improve interactions with end-users to drive customer retention. Activated through programmable APIs, CPaaS is here to stay and stands to be the mainstream in the coming years. As more and more companies are taking the API-first approach, CPaaS enabled solutions are key to offer a great customer experience without breaking the bank.

Customers are Willing to Pay for Great Experiences

As per a recent study, around 96% of buyers evaluate customer service which decides their loyalty towards the brand. 84% of the companies who are putting efforts to improve their customer experience report an increase in business revenue. A businesses’ CX is a representation of the relationship that is established through multiple engagements, purchases, and conversations. Here’s a glimpse of how your customer’s like brands to respond to them:

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