The modern audience expects a more engaged and richer communication experience that includes value-added features like read receipts, high-resolution audio/video sharing, mapping directions, and much more. To be relevant, messaging platform providers must offer a sophisticated, integrated solution that allows users to seamlessly share multimedia content and integrate to other mobile apps.
To assist brands and enterprises, cloud communication platform providers started offering RCS Business Messaging (RBM)– a new way to develop relationships through two-way communication. RBM is a set of communication standards for SMS, MMS, and calling that make traditional messages look and feel more like dedicated messaging apps. It primarily attempts to bring ‘texting’ up to the modern standards through a rich feature set that allows the creation of branded messages incorporating multimedia, suggested reply buttons, easy barcode delivery, click-through options and more.

Wondering what RCS Business Messaging is?

RBM is an IP-based messaging service delivered to mobile phone customers through mobile operator networks. This communication platform is used for both P2P and A2P marketing communications, and it combines the global reach of traditional messaging with the rich elements of chat applications to offer branded and modernized customer experiences that empower how people and businesses engage.

Why RCS Business Messaging?

It’s clear that people are highly active and expect the same from the brands irrespective of its business domain. RCS Business Messaging has a lot to be the lifeline for your CX, from instant updates and personalized conversations to creative messaging and sharing attachments.

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3 ways RCS Business Messaging can help your business grow!

RBM’s ability to include and share rich media without requiring an internet connection is likely its most distinctive feature. The opportunity to send messages with videos, emoticons, and gifs makes them more expressive and interactive. Intelligent chatbots can also be linked with RCS to enable open discussions and to support the company with every consumer engagement.


RCS Business Messaging enables marketers to derive insights from the most crucial factors. You may build out future initiatives utilizing campaign analytics like client-specific DLRs, read receipts, and message open times, for example, to deliver far better outcomes with each iteration.

Every RCS text includes your company’s name and logo, assuring customers that they’re reading a reliable message. RCS builds the offline trust factor – a requirement for growing your business – when communication moves away from the internet (where links and domain names can verify origins).


Our team of professionals at route mobile works hard to stay on top of the latest trends, which is why our solutions and the importance of customer experience (CX) in all industries continue to expand. We recognise how important it is to improve your customer experience, therefore we help brands take charge of their customer experience.Our RCS Business Messaging solution allows users to respond quickly and create action templates. With this, we make sure that customers become more responsive to your business’s real-time messages as the strain of ‘typing’ or ‘composing’ a message is alleviated.

You can, moreover, use Route Mobile’s RBM for:
Sending users anything from latest fashion trend alerts to boarding passes for upcoming flights, along with other details.
Confirming, editing, and canceling appointments, sending reminders as well as one-click confirmations
Making a purchase directly from RCS Business Messaging with just one tap

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