Call Masking: What is Number Masking and Why Use it?

Data privacy is one of the primary concerns of the customers where they don’t wish to share certain information with businesses and brands in a belief that they might fall into cyber-attacks and data breaches. To avoid such chaos and protect customer data, call masking is used to safeguard customers’ privacy.

What is call masking?

Call Masking, also primarily known as number masking or phone number masking, is one of the best solutions to maintain the customer’s privacy and identity without getting their personal data misplaced. Indeed it allows two-way communication between you and your customers without exposing their phone numbers. The number has been masked by both the parties which provide one sort of relief to each other by creating a secured environment. The call masking allows people to connect with each other for a given period of time.

What are masked phone numbers?

Masked phone numbers are commonly referred to as the proxy, anonymized or cloaked phone number. It is used to hide the private phone number and it forwards the call to the actual eventual destination. There are chances where sharing the private number is the real friction in that case keeping your number private is the need. When the phone number is masked it protects the privacy and personal data of both parties.

Why is call masking important?

We all know that businesses without telephone answering services will miss phone calls, so if you think that your business doesn’t need a call masking solution, think twice. Using Route Mobile’s call masking solution automatically boosts long-term customer loyalty and also enhances the customer experience with our solution. The customer data is also protected across interactions as the calls interactions which have been done are through Route Mobile’s server with end-to-end encryption.

How does number masking work?

In order to maintain customer privacy and keep the number anonymous, call masking is used. For instance, if a customer calls through your business application to another person and you don’t want them to know each other’s number, then the number is masked via call masking software. If a customer clicks on ‘call customer’, the call is routed through call masking, and when the number is forwarded to the recipient then he sees a different number which is a masked number.

Benefits of Phone Number Masking:-

Enable secure interactions: –

Many customers fear a lot from private data getting misplaced or misused by the businesses. But Route Mobile’s Call Masking solutions enable a secure interaction with a brand that curbs all the vulnerable loopholes customers feel. You can easily connect with your businesses without getting a fear of data breach and have identity protection.

Active Customer Engagement: –

Customers get uncomfortable sharing their personal numbers, so when the call masking is being used by the brand that time it becomes handy for them. It also somewhere boosts brand recognition and the value of the brand within the customers. Helps attract potential clients by getting customers’ trust.

Real-time Data Insights: –

This one solution is capable enough of sharing a lot of real-time customer data insights with you. With this, you are able to gather the performance of the agents and the data and analytics to optimize your services. You meet all the communication requirements at minimal cost and indirectly allow you to save money.

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How is call masking different from a virtual number?

We often end up confused between call masking and virtual number and the basic difference between them both is that call masking is done temporarily and the virtual number is done permanently. The call masked number can be reused again and again but the virtual number is to provide a local touchpoint and to curb the long-distance calls.

Use cases for Call Masking:-

Call Masking is used in various industries, listing down some of the use cases for call masking.

Ecommerce: –

Call masking in Ecommerce is often used in delivery services and online shopping portals in order to track leads. For instance, in the delivery service the delivery agents require the customer’s address to deliver it to the required address, and in case the address is incorrect or the delivery agent is not able to locate it properly then they might call them. When the delivery agent calls the customer that time the original number of the delivery agent is masked and also on the same number the customer can call back.

Healthcare: –

With all the consultations going on calls, video calls, and messaging the doctors also feel that they might get bombarded with a lot of calls. Many doctors have started using call masking solutions where the patient can call the doctors directly and take voice call consultations with their respective doctors. Once the call is done and after a speculated period of time the number becomes invalid, this way doctors are able to maintain the privacy of the phone number.

Ride Sharing: –

When we book on a ride-sharing app that time to connect with the driver to tell him the exact location we often call them. The passenger can call the driver without hesitating that his personal number will be shared because the number has been masked. This way you can easily connect with your driver and share information easily.

Call masking is a must-have solution for brands in order to maintain customer privacy and keep your customer engaged fearlessly. Route Mobile’s Call Masking solution helps you protect the identity of both brands and customers. If you want to get started with Call Masking Solutions our experts will help you out in setting up the solution. Contact our expert NOW!