E-commerce success using RCS messaging

RCS Business Messaging has emerged prominently as a primary avenue for customer communication in recent years. Combining the reliability inherent in SMS with robust features facilitating the exchange of images, videos, files, and more, RCS has swiftly garnered favour as a communication channel for businesses and their clientele.

Take, for instance, a notable case involving a prominent e-commerce entity in India, which witnessed a twofold surge in campaign performance upon integrating Route Mobile’s RCS solutions.

Discover the strategies they employed in transforming the Kirana retail ecosystem in India by leveraging cutting-edge and locally developed technology with RCS Business Messaging, and explore how your enterprise can replicate such remarkable achievements.

As per IBEF, India’s e-commerce market is expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2030. These companies are using RCS in several ways to enhance their user experience and boost sales.

Here are a few ways by which one of India’s leading E-commerce company have used Route Mobile’s RCS Business Messaging for their promotional campaign:

send visually appealing carousels with RCS

Enhanced Customer Engagement with Seasonal Offer Carousels:

RCS messaging enabled the company to send visually appealing carousels of seasonal offers. Customers could easily swipe through a series of enticing images and promotions directly within the messaging app, making it convenient for them to explore and take advantage of limited-time deals.

Coupon Distribution Using Rich Cards

Coupon Distribution Using Rich Cards:

These cards included detailed information about the discount, its validity, and associated terms and conditions. Customers could easily redeem these coupons seamlessly by clicking on the rich card or presenting it at checkout, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Regional language messaging with RCS

Regional Language Messaging:

RCS helped the e-commerce company to connect with customers in their preferred regional languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi. This approach caters to a diverse customer base and fosters a deeper connection by addressing customers in their native languages, improving engagement and understanding.

What makes RCS particularly compelling is its ability to provide an enriched and engaging platform for business-to-business (B2B) communication. This e-commerce giant recognized that RCS has the potential to bring substantial value to its mission of transforming commerce in India, and Route Mobile helped them achieve it by tracking the following KPIs:

Increasing Click-Through Rate:

Communicating via RCS with Kirana retailers in a more visually appealing and informative manner helped register a 100% delivery rate and a Confirmed Read CTR of 2.9%. The interactive elements within RCS messages, such as clickable buttons and rich cards, encouraged retailers to view and click on the messages and respond promptly to these offers, further driving business and fostering brand loyalty.

Using Cutting-Edge and Locally Developed Technology:

Emphasising locally developed technology aligns well with RCS, as it operates seamlessly on Android devices, which Kirana retailers across India widely use. This compatibility ensured RCS messaging effectively reached its intended audience without requiring additional app installations or complex setups.

Improved Efficiency and Support:

Kirana retailers could receive real-time updates on their orders, track shipments, and seek assistance – all within the RCS messaging platform. This streamlines communication, reduces response times, and helps resolve issues promptly, thereby improving the overall experience for retailers.

Increased Reach with Regional Targeting:

RCS’s capability to send messages in regional languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi proved to be a crucial feature for engaging with retailers in their preferred languages. This localization helped foster a deeper connection and understanding, which is instrumental in building trust and long-term relationships with retailers.

RCS Adoption with Route Mobile

The strategic adoption of Rich Communication Services (RCS) has been a game-changer, enabling the e-commerce company to engage with customers in more personalized and interactive ways. From personalized recommendations to real-time order updates and interactive customer support, RCS has transformed the customer journey and enhanced the overall user experience.

As the Indian e-commerce market continues to grow and adapt to changing consumer demands, RCS will remain a vital tool in its arsenal. The future of RCS holds exciting possibilities, from expanding its global reach to integrating AI-driven chatbots and further enhancing personalization. In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, this success story is a shining example of how Route Mobile helps innovation and technology drive growth and customer satisfaction. Contact our experts to learn how we can help integrate RCS for your business.