From your smartphones to online sign ups on any portal, your Email Id is a constant. Even if things around are changing at lightning speed and the preferred mode of communication is OTT messaging and chat, emails are still alive and kicking. The fact is reinstated and shown through the current statistics that challenges the bold prediction “Emails are dead”. As per the latest stats on email marketing, 87% of B2B marketers and 79% of B2C marketers use email as a preferred distribution channel; despite the radical technological growth.

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Email has been holding its stance since long. However, communication is evolving, encouraging highly personalized content triggered at the right moments. Automated and context-based targeting is helping marketers to engage with employees like never before with the help of emails.

Email Automation Workflows Trigger the Right Email at the Right Time

Automated emails sent based on the workflows are important for inbound marketing and easy to execute. Automation simplifies the entire process without the need of manual intervention by communicating the right message to the right individual or segment benefitting the sales team. Making emails more relevant to the recipients, automation increases the likelihood of conversion.

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A thoughtfully planned email marketing campaign is important for improving brand awareness and forms an integral part of creating omnichannel experiences for customers. Even with inbox full and ads everywhere, email marketing is a powerful tool to generate unmatched ROI.

A fully automated email marketing campaign not only drives audience engagement but also saves big bucks for businesses. Helping resources to focus on the right touchpoints saves a lot of time and improves marketing ROI. The effectiveness of a campaign is followed through detailed reporting that creates better user understanding. Businesses stand a greater chance to convert leads into lifelong customers.

Understand Your Customers Better with Route Mobile’s Email Automation Tool

Today’s hyperactive and competitive business ecosystem needs to interact and engage with users in all possible ways for greater demand generation. It is important for businesses to have a presence in customer’s inbox too. Looking at the efficacy of email marketing, Route Mobile plans to take its email game a notch higher. Aligned to vision 2.0, it is coming up with new and upgraded features that simplifies communication adding on to business revenue.

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Offering end-to-end Email Marketing Services for businesses and enterprise and Transactional Email Marketing Automation for developers, the platform takes care of 360-degree email marketing needs. Automated emails create value driven campaigns generating greater outcomes. How?

Personalized Communication drives Engagement:

From as small as sending emails with customized names to triggering them at the right time, every personalization counts influencing the click through rate.

Improve Sales:

According to a HubSpot survey, 59% of marketers say that email is the biggest source that drives ROI. Email marketing campaigns feature brand value, product updates, promotional offers, delivery updates, cart abandonment reminders and more that have a greater likelihood of pulling the customer right back into the journey.

Collect Customer Feedback and Data:

Turn every lead into your consistent customer. You need to create and deliver superlative customer experiences to be on top of it. With the help of email marketing campaigns obtain customer feedback and analyse where you are in the customer’s lifecycle stage to run better marketing initiatives.

Channel for Brand Promotion:

Email marketing gives every brand a space to orchestrate their offerings and capabilities, especially because customers have opted-in for the newsletters. It is a platform where brands can communicate their brand value in a simplified manner without being overbearing on customers.

Generate Traffic on Website:

Email contributes a great deal in improving traffic to your website and increasing the SEO. With the help of an effective call to action along with relevant content, brands can redirect recipients to the website from where they can gain deeper knowledge about the business.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach customers and communicate the right offerings to them. Create value-driven, automated and email marketing campaigns with our smart automation tool. Talk to our experts about your business needs and get the right fix for your business:Contact us