In the age of data theft, phishing attacks, and cybercrime it’s necessary we provide a solution that protects your customers from all these. Cybersecurity plays a major big role in this. Now just imagine, that if you want to access some critical information but it requires more just than a password is the OTP authentication. This acts as an extra level of authentication to your web-based services and protects them from fraudulent attempts.

OTPs mechanism is very convenient to use as it primarily uses SMS and we know that almost everyone has access to mobile phones. Route Mobile’s Route OTP is a top-notch solution to prevent unauthorized services and authentication code becomes invalid in minutes.

What are OTP Services?

Almost everyone might have received one OTP in their life while logging in to a certain website, or also while doing some payments. With an increasing number of cybercrimes and data theft, it’s vital for companies to use data security mechanisms to combat such thefts. The term ‘OTP’ stands for One-time-password and it’s a temporary authentication number shared via SMS or Voice to the registered user. Typically these OTPs are received by users during online transactions, login to the new account, or while you are logging from a different device. The OTP must be used within a specified time frame and if you are unable to do then it becomes invalid.

Types of OTP services


SMS OTP authentication is a method of sending an SMS verification code to the user’s phone. SMS OTP service is common in banking and financial services. The OTP is valid for 2-3 minutes and once expired can’t be used further. SMS is used as an OTP authentication cause as it’s the only communication channel every single person uses.

Examples of SMS OTP

Voice OTP

Voice OTP authentication is a method of sharing OTP via phone call to your registered phone number. If the phone number is not registered then you can also manually enroll for the Voice OTP service. Typically the default time for Voice OTP is 120 seconds and the maximum time can be 360 seconds. The default length of voice OTP is 4. Voice OTP works well for sending banking OTPs, login codes, and applications that have a high level of security.

Voice OTP services - Route Mobile

Route OTPs are been used in various industry verticals such as banking and insurance, eCommerce, login to any government or private portals, and so on. Here’s where Route OTPs are used-


While a user is trying to register themself for the first time and to prevent fake registrations they have to authenticate.

Password Reset-

If you forget your password and avoid any fraudulent entities don’t change the password.

Account Reactivation-

When a user has not used the account for a long time then they need to account reactivation via OTPs.

New Device Login-

When you want to log in from a new device and to avoid any frauds they have to authenticate themselves via OTP.

Online Transaction Confirmation-

Online transaction confirmation is done via OTPs to complete your transaction.

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How does Route OTP service works

How does OTP service work? - Route Mobile

Benefits of OTP Services

Fraud Blocking

Over the use of static passwords alone, OTP authentication has a number of advantages. Because of their one-of-a-kind nature, “OTPs” tokens have the potential to protect access by preventing a fraudster from reusing a password.

Easy Deployment

Organizations can easily incorporate one-time passcodes into their authentication strategies. Deploying one-time passwords also eliminates the sharing of credentials between employees within or, worse, external to an organization.

Robust Routing and Instant Delivery

Be it in India or globally, Route Mobile’s OTP service has instant delivery with high speed. As the OTPs are for just minutes then you can instantly login to your required web page.

Manages OTP Security

If a user falls victim to a phishing or malware scam that captures typed keys, they will be protected. The length of the OTP is around 4-6 codes and the information would remain protected from conventional password theft methods.

Where are OTP services used? Industry Usecases


In some banks, OTP authentication is mandatory for transactions such as the registration of beneficiary bank accounts of other banks, bill payments, direct payments, quick pay, NEFT/RTGS, funds transfer, mobile banking, and so on. This adds an extra level of security to all your payments.


If you are a frequent online buyer, then OTP authentication helps to combat frauds. To enable that all your transactions are quicker, smoother, and safe Route OTP is the ultimate solution. For instance, when you have ordered from an eCommerce website and you place an order with cash on delivery. On the day of delivery, the OTP authentication code is been sent to your registered phone number and that number needs to be shared when a delivery person asks for it.

Government Portals

For enhanced security of customers, Route OTP enables government portals to use the service for validation procedures like- an Aadhaar card with the registered mobile verification to protect the identity of the user. There are certain confidential documents that can’t be shared via an open file with anyone, so government officials use the OTP authentication that provides utmost security to their documents and will be only opened after the authentication.

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