Simplifying Communication With A Global Audience Using SMS Messaging And Salesforce

In today’s world it has become necessary for businesses to connect across multiple platforms especially on different channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, RCS, WeChat, Mobile Wallet and much more!

It is important to be a business that truly helps you connect one-on-one with your customers as the world has changed in a multitude of ways, as everyone takes time to adjust including our customers. More than ever before, consumers are also turning towards digital communications and text messaging for mitigating the effects of widespread disconnection.

SMS messaging, especially A2P Messaging is very interesting from a business perspective as the metrics speak for themselves. With a 98% read rate and incredibly high conversion rates, text messaging has established itself as one of the most effective engagement channels that companies use to interact with customers.

Now let us look at a few ways how you can improve your A2P Messaging by using Salesforce

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Providing Enhanced Customer Experience With A2P Messaging For Salesforce

With A2P Messaging for Salesforce it is possible to provide an overall holistic and fantastic experience to customers, that trumps price. More than 86% of buyers are willing to pay for an overall great customer experience, and with Salesforce it is possible to enhance the end-to-end user experience in general. With Route Mobile SMS App for Salesforce you are capable of improving the existing experience of the customer and take it to the next level through a greater level of personalization.

Higher Degree of Personalization

Achieve Greater Degree Of Personalization With A2P Messaging For Salesforce

We live in a time, where having personalized experiences for your customers holds much greater priority for customers. It is important to understand the value and importance of personalized engagement in figuring out what is truly important for the business. Thus, it is more important than ever to prioritize the value of the experience that you are providing with your customers as you can significantly achieve the best results across various mobile channels.

Seamless A2P Interaction

Seamless A2P Interaction With A2P Messaging For Salesforce

RouteMobile SMS App for Salesforce helps to provide a seamless interaction between the application and the person. With the app it is possible to remove the barriers that exist between the customer and the application, in order to ensure that the whole process is as seamless as possible.

Friendly User Interface and Quick Installation

Intuitive User Interface and Quick Installation

The RouteMobile SMS App for Salesforce offers an intuitive interface which is very user friendly, especially from a beginner’s perspective. The app is also fantastic for quicker installation so that you can get started immediately without any delays in the process, and can incorporate Salesforce directly as a CRM into your business.

Instant Message Delivery

Deliver Messages Instantly With Route Mobile SMS App For Salesforce

Route Mobile SMS App for Salesforce is an excellent tool that can deliver messages to any of your customers who are located across the globe. All the messages that you wish to send to your customers are delivered instantaneously and simultaneously to all of your recipients on an immediate basis.

Campaign Performance Metrics

Gain the performance metrics for every campaign with Salesforce

With RouteMobile SMS App for Salesforce, you will be able to gain important insights and metrics that showcases how well your campaigns are performing. Along with the metrics that you obtain you will also gain actionable insights that you can use to figure out your next steps to optimize your campaign, to achieve the desired results.

Quick Upload and Delivery of Group SMS

Quick upload Delivery of Group SMS with Salesforce

One of the best aspects of RouteMobile SMS App for Salesforce lies in the quick upload and delivery of Group SMS to all of your clients and leads simultaneously. It is possible to send bulk SMS all at once to all of your leads and effectively promote your products or services directly to the end customer.

Easy Integration With Salesforce

Simplified Integration With A2P Messaging For Salesforce

Route Mobile SMS App for Salesforce allows seamless integration with the CRM platform, with a plug-n-play type of model. With just a few simple clicks, you can get started by using Salesforce for your own business or enterprise.