What is Click to Call and how it influences customer experience

We live in a time when enterprises are constantly looking for ways to improve their operational efficiencies. It is exactly where Click To Call can significantly drive operational efficiencies that help to drive and build instant customer connections.

Click to Call is an excellent way to give people the freedom to connect with a representative from an enterprise or company via phone while they are browsing through a particular website or application. Click To Call offers a wide range of features and benefits, especially to customers who are visiting the website.

Even if your website or app contains incredible features and useful information your customers will always feel the need to talk with a real live person. Before a person buys a product or service they don’t want to wait around for an email. Click To Call helps create an easy way for customers to contact your sales and support teams available right on your website.

Forrester Research has predicted that consumers would be spending more than $1.12 trillion on Click To Call mechanisms just within the year 2017. More than 88% of website visitors are more likely to contact your company if you add a “Click To Call” button.

Market research has shown that the Click To Call button has led to a 200% increase in overall call-to-conversation rates. It is important to note that it increases overall sales and customer satisfaction, which can reduce your overall negative impressions. 47% of mobile users are more likely to explore a company’s competitors if there isn’t a direct call to the company, 27% of people have reported trusting a company less, especially when it is not connected by phone.

How do you add Click To Call to your website or App?

How to add Click to Call on website / app

Route Mobile simplifies the feature of adding a Click To Call system through an API, and it works with browsers that are built with iOS, Android, and JavaScript. The features that Route Mobile provides help to route calls to preferred agents that can provide a greater customer experience, and it works mainly in two different ways.

Through the app or browser

Direct call from browser / app

The user can initiate a voice directly from their browser or app, and for example, a Click To Call application lets hosts call potential guests by simply clicking a link on Airbnb’s site. Both hosts and guests can connect with masked numbers, which allows them to keep their personal phone numbers private. Using Click To Call, it is quite easy to add a website or app, and using VoIP, the call can connect over the internet without the need for a phone.

Getting a call back

Customers can request a call back

With the help of an added button, image, or text on the site or app, it lets the user enter a phone number that requests an immediate call back. When the call is established, the API can access contextual information about the customer, such as their name, the page they’re visiting, and other relevant information that the API can access. In this process, the customer doesn’t need to actually enter the information; the service knows it automatically. A HTTP request that is initiated by the web form results in an outbound call to the user’s phone number, and the user will also get a callback immediately. The process helps users receive highly personalized customer service with the click of a button.

Choosing between Text or Voice

Users can select between Text or Voice

The companies choose to offer customers both the text chat and phone connection options, and the device type of the customer affects the choice of the channel. Many of the customers opt for text chat that connects the site to the desktop, and more than 30% choose voice calls. When customers are on mobile devices, the percentages are reversed, with 70% of users that can select Click To Call that can be connected with voice and 30% of users choosing text chat.

Within a CRM, merge Click To Call

Integrate Click to Call in CRM

Businesses that use Click To Call for sales and support agents that are working within a CRM. RouteMobile gives out an integrated dialer that reps can use to automatically place outbound calls with a single click. One click calls a customer and opens the entire contextual record. Reps can take notes seamlessly, logging calls automatically, dropping pre-recorded voicemails, and powering through call lists. There is no need to enter the phone number without manually entering the number. That saves time, reduces errors, and increases agent efficiency.

How to get started

Route Mobile’s Click To Call is fast, it can be accomplished within a matter of minutes, and it is affordable. Calls start quite cheaply per minute. You can pay only for what you use, without the monthly fees or sign-up costs.

How does Click To Call help influence customer experience?

Click To Call can help influence the overall customer experience, which drives operational efficiencies by enabling instant customer connection. Route Mobile’s click to call solution provides practical, feasible, and user-friendly solutions that make the website interactive, along with a bucketful of perks. Route Mobile helps ease the entire process for you by enabling you to connect with customers through a single click as a form of direct response marketing. It is estimated that the average increase in ROI is set up to be around 143% by using the Click To Call functionality.

What are the features and benefits of Click To Call?

Route Mobile provides a wide range of features and benefits with its Click2Call service that are:

  • Call Patch Options
  • Real-time reports
  • Multiple failure mechanisms
  • Contact center and agent integration
  • Charging plans
  • Call recording

In conclusion, Click To Call helps reach multiple contacts along with exceptional customer service. The tool helps follow up with multiple customers by easily pulling up the list that shows the preferred phone number for calls. Click To Call provides easy, simplified CRM integration for event management to connect with your attendees and send out event information. Click To Call helps set preferences for sales and marketing and bolsters CRM applications with the Click To Call service.

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