About the organisation

The company which operates an online website that allow customers to select, purchase and personalize their products by printing an image on it.

Helped accelerate the order fulfillment process of this organisation through WhatsApp Business Solution and successfully transition from legacy communication channels.

Challenges Faced

While the company uses its online platforms like their website, email, and Facebook Messenger to great effect, there was a need to upgrade its reachability through not just automation, but providing a holistic mobile experience to their customers.

Route Mobile Case Studies Ecommerce Illustration


Scripted the success story by

  • Unifying the company’s customer care and self-service activities using Route Mobile’s WhatsApp Business Solution
  • Enabling the organisation to better manage its working hours, track order status, payment dues, feedback collection etc.
  • Providing richer messaging experiences than a standard SMS, including support for QR codes (quick response), emoji’s, videos and image

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • Introduced automation to their existing communication channels
  • Closed the online loop by enabling an effective automated customer service platform to aid customer purchases and visits on their website
  • Provided actionable insights on their customer journey
  • Improved their CSATs and increased their TAT for order deliveries