About the organisation

A leader in home appliances, the organisation is into manufacturing, sales, and service of all major household appliances. The company has a pan-India presence with over 23,000 dealers and retailers. The company’s branded customer service helps consumers to rate its service, and is spread close to 700 service centres.

Enabled one of the largest MNC’s with a diverse business to make significant improvements to their CSATs and overall customer engagement using Route Mobile’s WhatsApp Business Solution.

Challenges Faced

The company, which aims to provide high customer service levels, was using tried and tested methodologies like SMS, Emails, Websites, Social Media and Call Centre Support. While these channels have enabled them to maintain their service levels, the company intended to automate their customer engagement model to drive CSATs and Sales. This also echoed in the company’s internal study which they conduct periodically, highlighting the need for a more simpler and responsive notification avenue.

Route Mobile Case Studies Home Appliances Service Illustration


Scripted the success story by

  • Introducing a WhatsApp Business Solution to facilitate their existing customer outreach efforts
  • Enabling their customers to book service requests faster and check real-time status updates
  • Significantly improving the company’s service quality by embedding links to the call centre and the website
  • By ensuring consistent levels of service despite lockdown enforced exigencies

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • Infused automation to their legacy communication platforms, thereby increasing their outreach channels
  • Promoted the forward thinking approach of the brand, who now have a more efficient on-the-go customer service option
  • Positively influenced their CSATs by providing real-time information to their customers
  • Significantly improving their product sales and service levels