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Leverage WhatsApp to engage with more than 1.5 bn users, extending support on their preferred channel.
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Route Mobile’s WhatsApp Business Solution (WBS) helps to seamlessly improve communication with customers on a global level. With the WhatsApp Business API, drive your customer engagement and reach a massive audience like never before! Get a significant advantage over your competitors by responding to your customers in real-time in a convenient and professional manner. Now you can effortlessly migrate your Enterprise WhatsApp Business account to the Route Mobile platform to give the best customer experience which they deserve. With the WhatsApp Business Solution, you can easily manage all your leads, respond to your existing customers effectively, and drive conversions to generate greater revenue for your business.

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Whatsapp Business API Solutions
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Features & Benefits of WhatsApp Business API Solution

Faster Response Rate
Faster Response Rate
Intelligent Message Routing
Intelligent Message Routing
AI-Powered Chatbot
AI-Powered Chatbot
Features & Benefits of WhatsApp Business API Solution
Encourages Rich Communication
Encourages Rich Communication
WhatsApp Business Platform Promotes Brand Identity.svg
Promotes Brand Identity
Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics

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2 Billion

monthly users active across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most popular OTT messaging platform

WhatsApp Business Platform

How Does WhatsApp Business Platform work?

How WhatsApp Business Platform works?

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WhatsApp Business Platform is an API-driven communication tooI that helps businesses of all sizes, communicate effectively with their customers on a global scale.

There are numerous benefits of WhatsApp Business Solutions such as faster response time, enhanced rich communication services, intelligent message routing, promoting brand identity, AI-powered chatbot and insightful analytics.

The WhatsApp Business API works in an easy-to-understand manner. First, you will have to set up your account and create your very own WBS account and sign an agreement along with the TEF. Next, you will add your phone number, display name and finally approve messaging on behalf of the request and submit FB business verification. Upon which the next step will be to submit FB business verification. The next steps involve creating message templates and beta testing after which you will be able to go live.

Route Mobile’s WhatsApp Business Solution has different use cases which have gained massive popularity among enterprises and businesses. Some of the most popular use cases are:

  • Contactless WhatsApp ordering for food and beverages.
  • New user and account registration
  • Seamless ATM assistance

WhatsApp Business Solution is an excellent communication tool to reach out to your customers and ideal target audience. With more than 2 billion monthly active users across 180 countries, WhatsApp has established itself as the most popular OTT messaging platform, for reaching out to potential customers.

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