What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is a great technological service that helps welcome new customers to the brand, resolve ongoing customer queries, and make sales.

Voice broadcasting can help improve the entire process of how contact centers make outbound calls in the following ways:

  • Matching the availability of the agent to the customer lists
  • Saving the time of the agents by auto-initiating calls
  • Recommending the right customer to call

There are many more capabilities that are available that can enhance various outbound use cases. It often depends on the different types of dialers that a contact center will choose.

Voice broadcasting dialers can automate the process through which agents can call a customer, which can improve the contact center’s efficiency. There are core benefits that hinge on CRM integrations and customer information, and voice broadcasting helps to enable an even more strategic approach towards outbound calling.

Contact centers are capable of targeting specific segments, playing customer preferences, and making personalized customer suggestions. Voice Broadcasting helps fill the agents’ desktops with different information about customers, campaign goals, and their call history.