• What is Route OTP?

    Route OTP is a security solution that ensures safe and secure login process. Integrate Route OTP in your existing system and manage the entire end to end business process ranging from OTP generation, delivery via SMS, time tracking and authentication without utilizing any additional resources.

    Quick Fact

    A system generated One-Time-Password is quite secure than a static password, especially a user-created password, which is typically weak. OTP as the name suggest, is valid only for one interaction, session, or transaction.

    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    route OTP Flow
    • 1. End user requests access to the client interface.
    • 2. Using our API, the panel sends the code generation request from the specific mobile number to Route Mobile.
    • 3. Route Mobile then generates a random code and sends it to the end user via SMS.
    • 4. The end user enters the code in client’s user interface.
    • 5. The client then sends the code back to Route Mobile for verification.
    • 6. Route Mobile will verify and send the result back to the client.


    Route OTP gives you aerial view of every transaction thereby providing you with a proper base to gauge the performance of your system. To get a thorough idea, Route OTP incorporates parameters as follows:

    OTP received successfully

    OTP received successfully

    It indicates the number of OTPs received successfully.

    OTP received post expiry

    OTP received post expiry

    It indicates the number of OTPs received post its expiry.

    Incorrect OTP submission

    Incorrect OTP submission

    It indicates the number of invalid OTPs submitted.

    OTP not received

    OTP not received

    It indicates the number of OTPs that were not received.

    The Route Mobile Edge


    Single OTP infrastructure

    Eliminate the need to create separate OTP infrastructure.

    Load reduction on customer care

    Faster delivery of OTP

    Speed up the process of OTP generation with Route Mobile’s independent platform.


    Detailed analytics

    Examine and understand the performance based on OTPs generated, authenticated and failed.


    Client-centric controlling mechanism

    Complete control with client, as the application decides when to generate the OTP and for whom will it be authenticated.

    Relevant Industries

    • Ecommerce
    • Government Portals
      Government Portals
    • Banking
    • Logistics

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