10th December, 12-1 PM (IST)

Event Name:
2nd Annual Payground – New Age Summit 2nd Annual Payground – New Age Summit

Online (Virtual)

About this event:

The Sapphire Connect community is organizing it’s second annual event on 10th December as a virtual event on 10th December, 2021.

From swiping to contactless card payments, we have conveniently moved from cash to a cash-free world over the last decade. Payment systems have changed faster than ever and especially in Asia. Contactless and mobile payments have seen a considerable boom, especially in response to increasing demand of e-commerce growth and, more recently, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital economy is growing exponentially thus eliminating cash payments completely. With credit cards came the idea of paying with plastic, with cashless transactions it simply means that there will be no need for any physical representation of money in the future at all.

This summit will witness a pragmatic mix of content discussing the rapid transformation, the needs for effectively identifying and implementing the most relevant solutions that can help to further optimize the existing system and unlock new business opportunities.

Area of interest:
Banks & Fintech – Digital Payments, Wallets, Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience Verticals

Meet the team:
Tushar Agnihotri – Country Head India & Regional Head APAC, Route Mobile