31 March 2022, 15.00 UTC | 20.30 IST

Event Name:
MEF Webinar- Customer Experience in a data-driven world


About this event:

Today customers expect fast and seamless experiences. Technology can answer customer questions, save time for customers, and free up agents to help with more complex issues. Customer-centric companies are using technology to meet customer needs and achieve streamlined operations.

In this session, the panel will discuss how the right customer experience strategies can help meet the ever-rising customer expectations and provide a fruitful and satisfying experience.


  • What is Customer Experience and why it’s important in todays data driven world.
  • Is Customer Experience and Customer Support the same?
  • The importance of personalisation for customers
  • What does a data-driven culture mean and why is it important?
  • What problems can technology solve (and what problems can it not)?
  • Building meaningful customer relationships (with authenticity)
  • Self-service and interconnected channels
  • Chatbots – Why are they important for engagement?
  • Dynamic Social Engagement, how it helps.
  • Embracing omnichannel strategies, why are they important
  • The future of CX

Area of interest:
Customer Experience, customer support, customer relationships, omnichannel, digital infrastructure, software, data center, and technology industries

Meet the team:
Sneha ShashiKumar – Lead- Product Marketing

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