5 Parameters to Consider while you Select your CCaaS Solutions

Contact centers are at the frontline of customer service for businesses and their functional efficiency can make or break business-customer relationships. From financial services, IT, retail, energy to public services, contact centers are a much needed part of all the industries, worldwide.

As more and more businesses today are aiming to enhance their digital capabilities, the nature and role of contact centers are also evolving. Which was once a traditional on-premise infrastructure is now going through a digital makeover using cloud technology and process automation. Therefore, enterprises are preferring a well-integrated and cost-effective Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) model with solutions tailored to their goals and environment.

According to a Gartner report, CCaaS solutions will be a preferred adoption by 2022 in 50% of the contact centers. Additionally, the report says that speech interfaces will initiate about 70% of self-service customer interactions by 2023. Additionally, we have

Customer Expectation from Contact Centers Today

Enhance Customer Support with CCaaS

CCaaS enables automated customer support and service, enabling multi-channel customer interactions with supported technological frameworks. Ideal CCaaS solutions encompass customer service, telemarketing centers, employee service, support centers, help desks or other integrated communications operations. Since the entire framework is based on cloud, enterprises have the flexible pay for the service as they use a subscription based model.

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Several elements contribute to the effectiveness of CCaaS enabled contact centers. Some of the most significant ones are as follows:

  • Agnostic designs independent of connectivity, ensuring smooth customer service journeys, building intelligent self-service framework
  • Orchestration of support processes while engaging in complex and personalized customer communication
  • Trained and developed contact center staff driven towards engaging customer experience
  • Reporting and analysis of customer insights with suggested actions across all functional groups

5 Parameters to Consider before Integration

Having a clear understanding of what is being implemented and how it is going to impact your business is crucial to achieve the desired results. Businesses and not the providers are accountable for any assumptions made without any signed contract. Therefore, here are the 5 primary considerations to factor in while going for a well aligned CCaaS Solution:

Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

TCO helps businesses assess costs beyond the installation. CCaaS solutions might have a lower cost than on-premise solutions. Enterprises have to carefully consider the monthly recurring charges, headcount evaluation in case of seasonal variations and the cost associated with the flexibility to change the number of agents in times of need.

AI / ML Integrations for Amazing CX

Contact centers are the face of businesses. Advances in global AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Customer Data Platforms are impacting various dimensions of the contact center. A contiguous experience across various channels will be key to superlative CX. AI and ML interventions in self-service or quality and security of interactions will be integral to contact centers of the future.Route Mobile’s curated CCaaS solutions provide businesses with highly customized solutions.

WFH demands Advanced Capabilities

Contact centers as we have known them have changed! Unprecedented times have pushed businesses to work from home. Ensuring extension of the work desktop to agents, contextual information and monitoring of interactions becomes all the more critical to remote work,

Security & Compliance is of Prime Importance

CCaaS providers need to implement stringent security levels as sensitive customer data exchange takes place through the system. The solutions before implementation must satisfy CCPA, GDPR and state privacy regulations. Especially, at a time when data is accessed from one’s own home, providers must put in place a safety net and ensure all liabilities are covered.

Reliability will be a Key Enabler

Contact centers are the backbone to remarkable customer support. Traditional on-premise systems are rapidly being replaced by cloud based systems. Regulations are shifting towards promoting a cloud-first shared services model. These models come with amazing availability and scalability. Enterprises would do well to evaluate the direct dollary benefits of system reliability for cloud contact centers.

Contact center support will only evolve with changing customer expectations. Evaluating the technical and business parameters help in achieving a balance to accomplish business goals. Stress will be inherent and take a toll on the agents. Hence, training employees along with AI process automation ascertains success in customer experience.

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