Cloud Communications & Digital Transformation in a ‘new Normal’ world

Key Highlights

  • Current Impact of Covid-19
  • Digital World – A new normal
  • Survival in this digital era
  • Right tools to be future ready
  • Success with Cloud Communications in Digital Era

The COVID-19 pandemic can be described as crisis of colossal proportion that has affected humanity in the most unprecedented manner. Not only has it brought the global economy to a standstill but also made even the most optimistic leaders skeptical about the time required to return to pre-pandemic order of business.

What stood out during this pandemic, was that some organizations were better equipped to deal with the situation whilst some were starkly under-prepared.

Those under-prepared had no choice but to strengthen themselves in a battle to survive and sustain their businesses. Now, all of them wait with bated breath to see off what is hopefully the last of this dreaded pandemic, to reorganize and nurse their business operations back to good health.

While the pandemic affected the regular modus operandi of businesses worldwide, a drastic and rapid rise in digital consumption became apparent. Digital communications and tools became the primary medium for businesses to continue to interact with various stakeholders in an effective and engaging manner.

In the early stages of the pandemic most businesses were reluctant to change their working methodology, but soon enough, they had to successfully adapt and innovate themselves to overcome technological gaps in order to conduct business.

Is the digital world the new normal for businesses?

It is indeed a welcoming sight to see businesses adopting new digital methods and rapidly embracing technology to create a robust operating structure and stronger marketing models. Digitization has helped bridge the gap between consumers and business very effectively.

With the successful implementation of new digital strategies, brands are now focusing on revamping their business models to better adapt to the future of a post-pandemic transformed world. Perhaps, a reassuring and positive outcome amidst this crisis is that within organizations, this change is largely driven by a customer centric vision to ensure better preparedness in the years to come. Organizations have always shared a unified vision which put customer satisfaction at the top of the pecking order.

During this pandemic, businesses successfully ensured that they built digital platforms that could not only cater to the needs of their consumers but also engage them with for the long term.

With such robust digital platforms in place, one can purchase an insurance policy past midnight and also can effectively resolve troubleshooting issues with customer care while working out on the treadmill. That’s how converged our lives can become with the advent of technology.

If research is to be believed, then the majority of purchase decisions are made before even talking to the supplier. This proves that virtual or online transformation is of paramount importance if businesses wish to serve consumers in the best way possible and sustain operations. Businesses must embrace technology and provide its customers with an experience that is unmatched and immersive in nature.

Survival in the digital era

Over the past few years, the telecom industry has witnessed a surge in innovation and implementation of core areas like voice and text messaging.

Owing to this, the industry is highly focused on providing customer centric services, improving efficiency, and adding high-value margin while gradually distancing themselves from traditional services.

Today, digital transformation not only empowers brands, but also digitally disrupts several businesses. In order to sustain this cut throat competition, organizations need to ensure effective performance of the cloud communication platforms that interact with their customers and also help market their product/service.

Along with this, organizations also are required to effectively innovate and explore new user environments, promotion patterns and while keeping a constant eye on emerging market possibilities to increase ROI.

Cloud communication platforms are changing the way the telecom industry operates by enabling businesses to establish and connect with their target audience through the unique communication services.

According to a popular data survey, many organizations are now adopting cloud-hosted solutions to streamline data delivery and utilize a single supplier for voice & message services. This clearly indicates that the new wave of digitalization has offered new prospects for growth, increased innovation, and numerous opportunities for cloud communications platform service providers.

Right tools in the to be future ready!

One does not need to be a Tech Guru to establish setup a digital platform and increase the company’s relevance online.

With the right tools, accurate strategies, market know-how, and a positive mindset, you can find new ways to promote and innovate yourself, interact with current consumers and attract potential new target markets.

Here are the tenets of digital transformation that should be part of your overall digital strategy to prepare your organization for current and future challenges-

1. Understand the digital spin:

It is extremely important to understand digital transformation and its constantly evolving trends. Without proper market knowledge and understanding, one must not deep dive into a digital transformation. It is important to understand the market perils and the challenges of digitalization before adopting the same.

2. Plan and implement new strategies:

If ready with your digital process outflow, then you can plan a digital strategy that will help your business to get established on all the online portals. Implementing the strategies and having stringent guidelines will also help you to measure the market tides.

3. Keep an eye on performance:

After the successful implementation of the digital strategies, it is very important to analyse the performance of the same. This way it helps you to test the guidelines, report the process and assess the brand on future issues, if any.

4. Rectify the errors:

A good analysis can help the brand identify the errors and rectify the same by making changes in the future strategies. With this, you get a better understanding of the new trends, which will eventually help your brand to create a more robust digital model in the coming years.

How can cloud communication help you win in the digital revolution?

1. Speed:

Cloud communication platforms are known for being agile and flexible as they help you to connect with your existing and potential customers at any time and place. With such features, you can share information easily and generate online traffic at a quick pace.

2. Easy analysis:

With cloud communication platforms, you can easily analyse and scale the performance of the cloud services and business operations.

3. Seamless collaborations:

Cloud communication platforms can provide seamless access to data and enhance collaborations, if any.

This proves that in order to adapt to the constantly growing digital world and the NEW NORMAL, it is extremely important to include cloud communication platforms. These platforms will not only help to combat the declining growth and intensifying competition of recent years but also to seize opportunities that can make businesses more profitable.

Basically, the perfect amalgamation of cloud services and digital strategies, will help brands and businesses to adapt to this digital transformation and safeguard productivity during unprecedented times.

Now is the time for organizations to accelerate their digitization strategy to increase resilience while optimizing business processes simultaneously. That is the need of the hour in the new normal.