According to a report by Facebook (the parent company of WhatsApp), there are currently over 5 million businesses using the WhatsApp Business API globally. This includes businesses from a variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail, finance, healthcare, and more.

More and more e-commerce businesses look for ways to improve customer communication and support. E-commerce companies can improve customer service in several ways like offering personalised communication through multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media, to provide a more human experience. One of the major factors to consider is the response time to customer inquiries and complaints to show that you value their time and their business.

WhatsApp Business API can be leveraged by e-commerce businesses to improve customer communication and support. Here are a few ways to leverage the WhatsApp Business API for e-commerce:

Send Welcome Message using WhatsApp Business API

Welcome Message:

Helps initiate a chat with the potential customers who have opted-in for chat support using WhatsApp.

Send Product Information using WhatsApp Business API

Product Information:

Assist customers in what they are looking for and help them find the product that fits their requirements.

Send Order Summary using WhatsApp Business API

Order Summary:

Businesses can share a summary of the order details with its customers to help them keep a track on WhatsApp.

Send Shipping Updates using WhatsApp Business API

Shipping Updates:

Keep customers updated on their order status and provide real-time updates on shipping information.

Send Delivery Updates using WhatsApp Business API

Delivery Updates:

Update the customers with their order’s delivery information to help them plan and collect their order and make payments if required.

After sales service using WhatsApp Business API

Return or Exchange Assistance:

After sales assistance plays a key role in customer satisfaction. Keeping options open for returns and exchange via WhatsApp will help the customers place their requests quickly.

Customer support using WhatsApp Business API

Customer Support:

Provide real-time customer support and resolve issues quickly by allowing customers to reach you directly through WhatsApp.

Send Offers and Promotions using WhatsApp Business API

Offers & Promotion:

Use WhatsApp to promote new products and special offers to customers who have opted-in to receive marketing messages.

Collect Payments using WhatsApp Business API

Payment Integration:

Allow customers to make payments directly through WhatsApp using payment gateways or other payment solutions.

Collect Customer Feedback using WhatsApp Business API

Customer Feedback:

Collect customer feedback and improve your products and services by asking for feedback and suggestions through WhatsApp.

It is likely that the number of e-commerce companies using the WhatsApp Business API will continue to grow as more businesses recognize the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer communication and support. Let our experts help you set up your account and stay connected with your customers with an immersive conversational experience.