Key Highlights

  • The expected growth of WhatsApp Business utilization among enterprises
  • Benefits of setting up the WhatsApp Business API Account for your Business
  • How businesses can actually expand their reach
  • Conclusion

As per the April 2020 statistics by a leading research firm, on a monthly basis there were two billion users accessing the WhatsApp Messenger, thus making it the most popular and the widely used app. There is very strong penetration of the app in markets outside of the United States. It remains the market leader in this segment of global mobile messenger apps, mobile social apps & a feature rich app as well.

In August 2018 WhatsApp Business API was launched and since then there has been no looking back. A recent research done by another leading mobile research firm that tracks businesses in the messaging market mentions that there will be an exponential growth in the number of enterprises using WhatsApp Business APIs by 2024.

Our previous blog explained how you can gain a target audience to start a conversation with your brand using WhatsApp Business Solutions. Businesses are looking to have engaging conversations with their customers and WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate.

Below are 8 reasons of why WhatsApp Business Solution is beneficial for your Business:

Private and Secure Platform:

One of WhatsApp’s remarkable features is its end-to-end encryption, which protects the privacy of customers. WhatsApp is a secure platform that encrypts each message. For instance, if a leading online recruitment company wants to hire a candidate around the world, it’s crucial to have a safe and secure conversation with their candidates. This can be shifted to WhatsApp Business Solutions, which will generate automated job notification alerts for professionals with new job openings. They can further conduct interviews and exchange confidential documents within a private and secure app.

Boost conversion rates:

WhatsApp chat is a more prompt and convenient way of giving real-time responses to customers. The boost in conversion rates depends on how you amaze your customers with a live chat experience. You can engage your customers by sending session and notification messages to deliver a virtual yet in-person experience. For instance, if a customer wants to get further information about a product, a Call-to-Action button feature can help to directly call your customer agent to understand or make a positive decision.

Your customer is already using it:

Two billion users are already accessing the WhatsApp Messenger. There is a plethora of WhatsApp users, so there is a huge potential for many businesses to opt for WhatsApp Business Solution and proactively engage with their customers. According to recent research, more than 5 million businesses are using WhatsApp Business Solutions. Being on WhatsApp presents you with a great opportunity to get your business on a platform which your customers & prospects are already using.

Easy and Accessible:

It is imperative for businesses to be available on the platforms that are most preferred by the customer. WhatsApp makes it easier for businesses to get in touch with its customers and vice versa as it is easy-to-use and makes the business highly accessible. There is no need for end-users to download any other app or wait in long queues while reaching the customer service agent. For instance, the customer is waiting in on a call to get through a customer service agent of a hotel to book a room. If the hold-time is more, the customer can get an option to continue with the call until the agent is available to speak or continue the conversation on WhatsApp. He can press the required button on the phone’s IVR to opt-in for the same. The customer immediately gets a WhatsApp message. The check-in and the check-out dates along with the required information can be sent. The booking can be confirmed instantly and the customer can also get an invoice along with the selected room images on WhatsApp. This can help to increase CSAT scores and also value their time as well.

Insights to plan better:

WhatsApp Business Accounts has a unified feature that provides diverse analytics of each customer. It is possible to gain valuable customer behavioural insights by tracking the delivery report of each message sent. Businesses can view whether a message is seen by customers, status of the delivery, so that they can initiate future conversations with customers depending on the read receipts. Another way of getting customer insights is by asking them for feedback with interactive & simple quick reply buttons.

Enhance Visibility & Expand market reach:

If your brand is local and wants to have its presence in multiple countries, investing in WhatsApp Business Solution will help you to have a presence in the untapped markets as well. International customers can opt-in and start interacting with your business no matter what their location is. For instance a prospect is browsing your business website. A click-to-WhatsApp pop-up appears on the webpage. This feature allows the customer to instantly opt-in to engage with the business on WhatsApp for business for a quick redressal of the queries via a chatbot or speak with a customer care agent using the click-to-call button. If you have the right logistics and infrastructure, you can scale your business and have presence in multiple countries using WhatsApp Business Solution. It will strengthen your brand visibility and expand your market reach.

Increase Cost-effectiveness:

WhatsApp Chatbot is cost-effective as it improves the efficiency by handling multiple conversations simultaneously and in real-time. It can handle more than 40% of the customer queries with smart chatbots, thus making it a scalable proposition. It also has a capability to transfer a query to a human agent to ensure a complete customer satisfaction. Thus companies can save a huge amount of cost by having a few agents to serve the same amount of customers.

Increase in cross-sell and up-sell opportunities:

By engaging your customers with WhatsApp chatbot, businesses can personalise their communication to achieve customer delight. The information which can be gained through real-time conversations can help to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. For instance, based on the previous purchase history, the business can offer complimenting & useful products that the customer may require. The business can also get the feedback and tweak the next offers that may closely match the customer needs. It can also help businesses to understand the customers’ preference and run hyper-personalised conversations on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business Solution adoption is growing exponentially and is transforming the communication landscape for customers & businesses. Many businesses have upgraded themselves to WhatsApp Chatbot to meet future customer expectations, enhance the CSAT and increase the brand loyalty.

You can watch our latest on-demand webinar on WhatsApp Business Solution: Get-Set-Go-Live, on how to go-live to make your customer engagement smooth and seamless.